The Tarot and Oracle Decks I Wish Existed

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm opening up about the Tarot and oracle decks I wish existed.

Oh, what a loaded prompt this is. The moment I read it, my imagination took off like a metaphorical rocket.

While I'm sure there could be thousands of unexplored possibilities for Tarot and oracle decks, there are several that came to mind for me that I feel would be wildly popular and deeply satisfying for readers and recipients.

31 Days of Tarot, Day 24: The Tarot and Oracle Decks I Wish Existed

The Disney Tarot

What do you think? Would Disney allow it? Even just looking at the image of all those characters - the "good" and the "bad" - can't you feel its potential?

Even though most of Disney's most popular movies are based on Grimm's fairy tales, there is something about the iconic recognizability that Disney's (and Pixar's) animators have brought us through their drawings.

That something is, I feel, what would lend itself so very, very well to a Disney Tarot deck.

Oh! And here's something to consider: There could actually be two versions of the deck. One would be for young Tarotistas and the other for young-at-heart Tarotistas. It would be pretty cool to gift a 10-year-old with the youth version to get them started.

The Into the Woods Oracle

"I wish! More than anything! ... More than the moon!"

Can you feel it? Here we are again with a cast of characters straight out of the books of the Brothers' Grimm, and yet there's such a very different feel here.

For anyone who hasn't see the show (or the movie)... For shame! Just kidding. :-) What makes the show (and the movie) so rich and potentially insightful is the part that comes after "happily ever after."

In the show, which long preceded the movie, act one is the lead up and culmination of the happily ever after. Act two presents us with what comes next, which is not necessarily happy.

In this way, we're immediately presented with the shadow to go along with the light. This would be a "meat and potatoes" deck, for sure. No fluff here.

The Peanuts Oracle

How fun could this be? Once again, I find myself envisioning both youngsters and "oldsters" getting a lot out of this deck. It's the beloved characters that make it so. It would be very approachable because of that. In fact...

I'm shown that it would be a great deck for psychologists, social workers, etc. to use with clients in therapy sessions. How amazing might that be?

Of course, the deck box cover would just *have* to depict Lucy sitting behind her little kiosk with its offering of advice for five cents.

Do you suppose Charles M. Schultz's heirs would be open to this? 😉

The Star Wars Tarot

This one... This could be my imaginary - my dreamy, wish-come-true-y -  pièce de résistance.

The thought of this deck fills me with... hope, of all things. Hope and assurance and stability. I can feel this deck of my dreams in my root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Crazy, right? Or maybe not.

I mean, consider the characters - the archetypes - who inhabit the Star Wars universe. They cover "all bases" between them. There's really no archetypal stone left unturned.

And since archetypes are imperative to Tarot, it just makes sense. Readings with this deck would be out of this world, and simultaneously of this world.

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