The Soul Ways

The Soul Ways


It's 2:22 as I write the first sentence of a perhaps-overdue post about the soul ways. It makes sense given the topic, and the nudge that urged its creation.

Back on 5 September 2018, I received guidance to change my Instagram handle. Through that guidance, @soulcharged became @thesoulways. I accepted it without question, even though changing my handle for the second time in two-ish years made me slightly uncomfortable. I mean, what would people think?

I found comfort through remembering a Deepak Chopra quote: "What other people think of you is not your business." Powerful truth-telling.

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What are the soul ways?

"The soul ways are the tenets through which the soul evolves. They enforce a sacred engagement with all living beings, and with all energies. They engage with a code that honors the presence of light in everything and everyone. They engage the unity that is one and all."

That third sentence reminds me of the expanded translation of a popular word in spiritual and new age circles: namaste. Translated expansively it means, "The light in me bows to the light in you." The Hindu translation of namaste is, "I bow to the divine in you." The Indian translation is, "I bow to you." All translations speak to honoring one another.

What are the tenets?

"The tenets of the soul ways are as such: Engage in a compassionate way. Engage in a peaceful way. Engage in a respectful way. Reason with sacred service. Treasure all, for we are all."

The Soul Ways Tenets | From the post "The Soul Ways" by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #thesoulways #tenets

How beautiful and simple those tenets are. The first three speak for themselves. The second two could use some fleshing out. It's 4:44 as I type now. So much lovely energy around this post.

Reason with sacred service.

Sacred service is our soul work. Soul work indicates the work we agreed to accomplish through our current incarnation. That work may be vocation or avocation, or perhaps both. (Both for me.)

Identifying our sacred service likely leads us down the path of least resistance. Considering activities (including activism) that fill our hearts and create a feeling of purpose within us helps immensely. Chances are, those activities support and/or raise others up as much as they support and/or raise us up.

Treasure all, for we are all.

So often, my guides stop me in my tracks and ask, "Who are we?" My response, prompted from their teachings: "We are we." The "we" in their question refers to me. They very rarely use "you," although they sometimes refer to me as "the Ellen."

What they mean by the question and response is, we are all one. Beginning and end of story, right there. So, "Treasure all, for we are all" is all about oneness. We are all one.

Those are the soul ways, dear ones. Now we know. Blessed be.

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