The Rise of the Dark Ones

Let there be Light | Ellen M. Gregg: Intuitive, Peacemaker

The Bible tells us "Let there be light" were God's words, and that when they were spoken there was light.We're at a point in time when that call has come again, and it isn't about illuminating Earth with the sun.This time, it's about illuminating Earth with the light of the one; the all that is. This time, it's about the awakening.

Where there's light...

...there's dark. This is how it works. This is how balance is created. There can be no light without darkness, just as there can be no darkness without light.Somewhere along the line of Earth's history, that was forgotten. It was forgotten in Atlantis, when the Sons of Belial veered away from the light and deep in to the dark. They went so deep, there was no coming back. The result: Atlantis' eradication.It was forgotten in Noah's time, when the great flood was called to eradicate those who strove, like the sons of Belial, for wrongful power and material gain.It's been forgotten again. And, like Atlantis, we are at a point where so many have gone so deep in to the dark that there is a cataclysmic force waiting in the wings to eradicate us again.There are two major differences this time, though.

  1. The heartbreaking difference is that all of Earth would be eradicated.
  2. The heartwarming difference is that the sheer numbers of Earth's population awakening to the light - seeing the light; shining the light - can prevent the cataclysm.

And there, within that beautiful truth, is a dilemma we face: The dark ones are rising in response to the lightening of Earth's vibration.

The Dark Ones

These are the Darth Vaders and Emperors to the Luke Skywalkers and Princess Leias. These are Atlantis' Sons of Belial, who thrived on material gain and power, to the Law of One, who thrived on spirituality and altruism.I've been privy to a sampling of what the rising of the dark ones looks like.

  • They're showing up through covens that are otherwise dedicated to Earth's sustainability.
  • They're showing up through portals opened by unwitting teenagers through the use of Ouija boards. (Good to remember they aren't toys/games.)
  • They're showing up through people who have their eyes on the prize that is their stock portfolios and bank accounts.
  • They're showing up through war.

The dark ones are rising in response to the rising of the light. They forget that balance is required for longevity. They remember only that where there is light, there is less power - and less gain - for them. And so, they rise.

The Light Ones

Thank goodness for the light ones - the lightworkers and Earth angels and Earthkeepers. They're rising faster than the dark in a concerted and preordained manner to restore balance.I've been privy to a broader sampling (thank goodness) of what the rising of the light ones looks like.

  • They're showing up through people who are working to regain control of their food supplies.
  • They're showing up through people who are using metaphysical energy for global benefit.
  • They're showing up through people who recognize the wisdom of spiritual wealth over financial gain. (And that's not to say prosperity is "bad." It's all in how it's viewed and used.)
  • They're showing up through calls for peace in a system of war between nations and peoples that no longer has a place in the world.

The light ones are here, and they're growing stronger. The dark ones are quaking in fear, and perhaps rage. That means balance is being restored. That means we're closer than we think to the restoration of an equal and loving partnership between dark and light.

What We Can Do

If you're reading this, there's every chance you're already working to restore light to its seat of balance with dark. We need to be vigilant, and we need to rise higher.We can do that through spiritual practice: Yoga, meditation, prayer. We can do that through love, and through peace, and through remembering that we are all one.What are you doing toward the rising of the light? Have you encountered any dark ones? Let me know.And remember: You aren't alone. We aren't alone. We are one.

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