The Rain Will Come

The days of "love and light" are here, and they are sparkly, in spite of the obvious environmental, political, and human pains we witness daily through our TVs and radios and newsfeeds.

The pains are prominent, and yet we see they are less dominant than would be without the light of the one shining through into the hearts and minds of millions who have awoken to their spirits.

We are in desperate need of rain here in southeastern New Hampshire. We're way below the average levels of precipitation for this time of year, following a Winter which brought us hardly any snow, following a Summer and Autumn which brought us less-than-normal rain amounts.The grass is golden brown. The leaves are looking lackluster. Some trees are looking distinctly crisp. The flowering bushes and shrubs are withholding their usual plethora of blooms. I hear they're "preserving energy."And the wildlife - the squirrels; the birds... They're desperate for water. The bird bath near the bird feeders is popular and needs almost daily refilling.And that's just here in New Hampshire. Look at California. Look at other parts of the United States and the world that are parched and seeing a great and increasing lack of accessible water.And (so many sentences beginning with and) then there's the metaphorical rain that's sadly lacking.The sort of rain that whisks away energetic stagnation and nourishes the elementals and the elements.The sort of rain that awakens the spirit and encourages it to take risks and to be empowered by its post-shower cleanliness; sparkliness.

We see the time is present when there will be rains which will destroy and dampen the spirits of the light beings on earth.We see the time is present when there will be tests of trust and faith and power with the darkness of the ego.We see this must be remembered:The rain will come, and yet how it presents itself will be up to you.The rain will either be welcomed or reviled.It will either be received as nourishing or as nuisance.It will either be allowed to cleanse and heal or it will be allowed to ruin and rampage.The rain will come, and yet how it presents itself will be up to you.

Rain will come. How we respond to it makes all the difference.The rain will come. It's up to us how we'll respond to it, and what we'll allow it to do for us.We have the power of choice and the power of spirit and the power of the one beneath and behind and around us.We have the power to let the rain bless us with its healing grace and nourishing energy.Bring on the rain.

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