The Other Way to Plan for 2016

Last week, I ranted shared about the calltoactive state I find myself in during these waning days of 2015.I'm not alone.Many women, especially, are in a similar state of being as the sand of 2015 slips into the lower half of the yearglass. (Another new word for the personal dictionary.)We're getting our planners and calendars and journals and notebooks ordered (we may even have them in hand at this point, and be filling them in already.Except, it doesn't feel like "already," which would seem to indicate it's sooner than necessary.Instead, it feels like, "Holy crap! Time's flying by! Must be ready!"It feels like "Aaah!" and "Eep!"

Whatever "It" Is

Even though there's still two months left in the calendar year, it feels more like two days. Soooo much to get ready for, soooo little time to get ready for it.And that's supposing we know what we're getting ready for. That's supposing we can see through the murk that is the cluster of end-of-year celebrations and activities.We have to see through the murk and find clarity, because...♦ If we can't see through the murk, 2016 might as well be a piñata, and we might as well be flailing blindly at it with a too-short and too-flimsy stick.♦ If we can't see through the murk, all the calendars and planners and journals and notebooks in the world - no matter how useful and beautiful - won't help.♦ If we can't see through the murk, the calltoactive state might as well be an itch that we can't reach ourselves; an itch that won't go away, and drives. us. bonkers.It's time to get a clear vision.

There's a Better Way Than Bonkers

There's the Full-Year Forecast.It's a year-wide personal or professional overview of what's in the cards for 2016. (Literally.)It starts with a whole-year context, zooms in to seasonal contexts, and then zooms closer still to monthly insight.And that's not all.Your birthdate is sourced to provide numerological significance, which leads to more insight and guidance.Additional insight - whether related to specific seasons or months, or something independent of those - is included.Resources - both based on what comes up in the forecast itself, and anything else that seems appropriate and/or helpful - are noted, and linked when possible.The Full-Year Forecast has the potential to be a sigh of relief.♦ It makes the stick to strike the piñata longer and stronger.♦ It makes the itch reachable, and might even help it go away.♦ It clears the murk.Paired with your calendar, planner, journal and notebook, it may be your new best ally.Get yours here for a limited time.What's your favorite planning and clarifying method for a new year?

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