The Other Retrograde and Surrendering the Ego

We thought we were done when Mercury went direct two and one-half weeks ago. We thought we were out of the woods and back on track.Some of us were and others of us are. For those who are... High-five and congratulations! :-)For those who were... I feel you. Our perceived freedom was short-lived, and not because of anything new.The Other Retrograde and Surrendering the Ego

The Other Retrograde

There's another retrograde in play. It's been that way since April 17 and it'll be that way until June 29, and that's not all.Its pre-retrograde shadow period began February 17. Its post-retrograde shadow period ends August 22.What other retrograde is that? What planet would [dare] go retrograde for two and one-half months, with a two-month shadow period at either end?Mars, that's what.How does it affect us?

In some ways, its impact depends on your birth sign.

For me, as a Libra, it specifically affects partnerships and negotiations and it can lead to passive-aggressive behavior thanks to the effectual squashing of Mars' natural assertiveness.Have I experienced these effects? Yes, yes and yes.I've become remarkably ambivalent to a long-time partnership of women with whom I experienced a relationship-oriented weekend in 2006.We've been meeting every other week since 2007, and, as of April, I realized I was done with that partnership in that specific form.To be clear, I'm not done with the friendships I've forged with these women. There's a difference.We're still negotiating how we'll move forward. (For me, it's still about how they'll move forward in that partnership without me.)And as for passive-aggressive behavior... There are occasions when I've been appalled to see this old way of reacting rise up in me and be directed toward myself and others.Thanks, Mars.

The other ways are across the board for all signs.

That's right. All astrological signs are affected, whether it's felt or not.As with Mercury retrograde, the emphasis is on the "re" part of retrograde.In the instance of Mars retrograde, the keywords are: reassess and reflect.I can absolutely speak to those actions, too.I've been reassessing all manner of things - from personal to professional - to a point of leaving almost no stone unturned.And as for reflection... I can't seem to get enough of it, which can definitely irk me - in a passive-aggressive way, of course - because I perceive I'm not accomplishing anything. (Which is untrue, and yet...)So if knowing everyone else is similarly affected matters, feel free to take solace.

Surrendering the Ego

This has been the primary focus of the reflect action for me, and what a button-pusher (and passive-aggressive behavior-provoker) it can be.The ego death is a recurring theme over the past few months and shows no signs of letting up until that mission is accomplished in this human form.

Is that even possible or advisable?

It is possible, yes. As for advisable, I'm told that depends on why you're here and where you're at in soul progression.I'm understanding that one mission for those who are in their last human incarnation is to release the ego in order to live through spirit alone.And for some of us, apparently that mission is meant to be served sooner than later.While the vision of that eventuality is pleasing to the extreme, the resistance can also be extreme because the ego likes to be in charge.The ego likes to be right, to be defensive, to compete, to get affronted, and to rock passive-aggressive behavior like it's its job.When those things are perceived as threatened... Oh, girl.

What's a person to do?

First and foremost, as always, practice radical self-compassion and self-love and self-care.Fighting the energy - which means fighting your needs - will make it way worse; something I can attest to from experience.When Mars goes direct in 20 days, we'll hopefully experience relief similar to that experienced when Mercury went direct with the full moon.And as for surrendering the ego...If this applies, please remember that we're still human, no matter how high-spirited we may become, and yet...Don't let that be an excuse to avoid the work we're called to do to raise our vibration so high that the ego can't survive.And...Learn more about Mars retrograde and how it affects you, right here.

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