The Opening Portal of the Light

The Light

We see the light is the persuasion of the matter to readorn itself with the particles of the stars. We see the light is the manifestation of the higher vibrations of the spirit and angel realms.We see the light is both a physical reaction and a spiritual reaction. We see the light is the balance of the physical and spiritual. We see the light is the way in which the Earth will heal.

The Portal

We see a new and expansive portal is opening which will permit the light as it is expressed through the spirit and angel realms to pour over the Earth with great force.We see the force will be noted by those who participate in the energy work and the angel realms.We see the portal will express the positioning of the Earth as a means of achieving enlightenment while in the human form. We see this will create a vast difference in the way energy is perceived by energy workers.We see the energy of the light will be magnified and multiplied and respondent to mere hints of intention. We see the limitations which once were present will no longer be present.We see there will be little effort required to effect great change and movement in the energetic symbolism which is found in the Reiki and the Master Energy.

The Opening Portal of the Light

What to Prepare

We see you will wish to prepare the self. We see the self is the ego. We see the ego will wish to be reactive.We see you will wish for the ego to be in response. We see response will be gained through the resting ego. We see the ego may rest when you sit in meditation.

When to Prepare

We see we will wish for you to prepare in the morning of the July 14. We see this will be the conducting day for the new portal.We see the new portal will increase in size and velocity upon the turning of the moduals of time at the 11:11 on the 14. We see this will be the 11:11 which coincides with the Greenwich Mean Time which is the Universal Time.We wish for you to understand the importance of the preparation for this portal. We see the portal will rise with the sun in the East of the United states and will create a concourse among the organization of the New England.We see the New England will open with the portal of the light and the light will pour over the New England and then will transmit its energy throughout the entirety of the Earth.We see this will cause an alarm with those who are working with the ego as their running mate. We see the ego will not power with the light. We see the ego will shrink with the light.We see this will leave a vulnerability which will expose many to the workings of which they have been in ignorance. We see this will create great disharmony and the disharmony will then become rage which will be tended by the light.We see this as an opportunity to refute the egoic energy which has been emancipated through the millennia by those who are with the ego.

The post above is channeled through me from all spirits and angels. The One.

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