The New Moon in Libra: Back to Black

At 1:11 pm I was guided to schedule this post for 3:33 pm publication. Can you hear the angels giggling? ?At 8:11 pm Eastern U.S. time tomorrow, September 30, the new moon enters Libra.Ahhh... Feel free to sigh with me, because that's what it feels like: a sigh of release (not of relief). Ahhh... Doesn't that feel good?New Moon in Libra: Back to Black

Back to Black

There's a bit of play-on-words here. Consider that September offers up two new moons. The first was September 1, and the second is September 30. In a sense, they're bookends for the month: back-to-back.The thing about two new moons in a single month is, the second moon is known as a black moon. (Remember that a second full moon in a single month is known as a blue moon.)So, aside from the synchronicity of it being the second of two fabulous new moons in one fabulous month, what's special about this new moon in Libra?

We see the new moon in Libra offers loving abundance. We see the new moon in Libra wishes to offer its generous openness of power to receive all that may be received, and all that is willing for receiving.

We see the receiver must be in willingness to accept what the new moon wishes to grace her with. We see the receiver must feel she is worthy of the abundance.

We notice the energy of this moon will light the way into the abundance of October and its month of prosperity. We see much capability for prosperity in the month to come.

Well, I certainly appreciate the potential of that. There's nothing much to not be in appreciation for around that message, including the reminder around self-worth and willingness to receive.

We see we will wish to be in reminding the women to be noticing the power of the new moon as it may create the great propensity for maternity. We see those women wishing to bring a baby into their life will wish to be in attention and intention to this new moon.

Oh, my. While that isn't for me, since I'm deep into menopause at this point, for those to whom it applies and for whom the desire exists, please take note. ☺️Putting this all together, I'd term the new moon and the month it heralds "ripe."? Ripe for manifesting.? Ripe for abundance.? Ripe for prosperity.? Ripe for creation in its base and artistic forms.And so it is, dearies. And so it is. Blessings be.

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