The New Moon and You: November 29, 2016

The new moon reaches its peak at 7:18 am Eastern U.S. tomorrow, November 29. Known as a micro moon because its orbit puts it at the furthest point from Earth, the impact of this moon will be anything but small.The New Moon and You: Energy of the November 29, 2016 new moon.

"We notice the pull of the moon creates lesser impact upon the tides and yet there is a greater impact upon the humans. "We notice the new moon forecasts the incoming energies of the full moon, which brings with it a surge of new energy that will shift the consciousness of the collective with great force."This new moon portends great change. It reminds all who heed its reasoning to prepare for receiving the new energy, and to be in attendance with their spiritual practices."The spiritual practices which are as present require the need for action toward evolution. This may mean there will be need to evolve the practices which have before now served. "There is a great change coming which will greet new spirit guides for many lightworkers and Earth angels. The new guides and angels have begun their change and there will be a much-changed energy that attends them and so attends those who acquire them."We ask for you to be noticing what is changed and how you must change in accordance. The changes will create greater ease of preparing for the new energy and integrating the new energy."The new moon beckons. We wish for you to be in preparation and receiving."

I'm enjoying a wee giggle here, because that feels very much like a drop-mic moment. ????And here I am, picking up that microphone from the floor and brushing it off, because we're not through here. Not yet.Once again, we're reminded of the huge energy shift coming in December. This coincides with channeled information I received almost two months ago, and the energy around it is heightening as we draw closer to it.

"We need this energy."

That quoted statement came from what I lovingly call "the peanut gallery." The peanut gallery is a gathering of in-spirit loved ones who add their voices to the channeled messages I receive for clients and posts and my own practices.For all the incoming energy feels nearly earth-shattering in its power, there is a great benevolence to it which won't be denied; which can't be denied.We absolutely need a benevolent energy of that magnitude. And by magnitude, I'm shown what appears to be lightning bolts bringing the energy to all those meant to receive it at this time.

"We notice first the lightworkers and the Earth angels will receive the new energy, followed by all people. We see in this way the lightworkers and Earth angels can be assisting those who are brought into their light of the spirit."

This tells us that the energy is going to be a major wake-up call for all those who have been hiding their light "under a bushel," whether consciously or unconsciously.

"Glaring errors."

Another quote from the peanut gallery, and this one's a doozy.This new energy will illuminate the "glaring errors" made by those who have had their egos at the center of their choices and ways of being. There will be no way of hiding from the truth of "misdeeds" wrought by the ego.I've noticed this happening in a very broad sense over the past couple of weeks, and yet I'm understanding the difference here is the action is getting very detailed; very specific.This is an important step in our evolutionary process, even though it may at first feel like a[nother] step back.

"Points of light."

Can I just take a moment to point out how unusual it is to have the peanut gallery be so vocal in the writing of a blog post? I believe that's telling in regard to the importance of this shift."Points of light." What is meant by that?

"We see the points of light are those who will rise into their truth as lightworkers and Earth angels through the shift and join the concert of lightworkers and Earth angels currently working to resolve Earth into healing."Those who will rise will create a greater source of light to balance the ego's darkness and will effect great healing through that balance."

Consider that we - the Earth angels and lightworkers in awareness of who we are and why we're here - are lighthouses who act already as points of light around the globe. We're soon to be adding to our numbers in great quantity, and that will raise everyone's vibration.

Are we ready for this?

That's my question in this moment.

"We notice there is a readiness which is not yet equal to what arrives. We feel the readiness will increase and be in preparedness to receive the new energy in its fullness."

What actions can we take to be ready?

That's another question rising in my consciousness on our behalf.

"We ask the lightworkers and the Earth angels to be in consideration of how they may change their practices to prepare to receive the energy. "We ask the lightworkers and Earth angels to consider the practices which are no longer serviceable and what may take their place."

What ideal timing to look at our spiritual practices and "own up to" what needs changing. We can use the new moon's energy to manifest new or improved practices to better benefit us and the world we serve.And so it is, dearies. Blessings be.

Are you feeling the power of the incoming energies and feel as though you need clarity around your part in birthing them here on Earth? Consider an intuitive session or perhaps an Intuitive Development Playbook.

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