The New Age is Coming

The New Age is coming! Doesn't that sound like a horse-riding messenger's call-out of days-gone-by?

The New Age is Coming

They {We} Saw It Coming

The New Age, aka the Age of Aquarius, has been spoken of - and sung of - in a widespread way since the 1960s. Remember flower children? Remember Woodstock? Remember Hair?When we think about the New Age, we think about a time of restoration; a time of peace; a time of good vibrations; a time of enlightenment. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. It's all of that, and more.The herald of the New Age is here, fifty years after it became a "thing" associated with drug-high hippies. They knew. They may have discovered it through chemical and/or natural-chemical and/or second-hand chemical natural-chemical means, and yet they knew.They saw it, felt it, tasted it, yearned for it, welcomed it. In their way, they made space for it. In their way, they laid a foundation for it.

It's Coming Sooner Than Later

The New Age is coming, and sooner than later. People are being awakened by the millions. Some with knowledge of what's happening to them, and some without. In either case, it's because their time to step up to the plate of change and spiritual reclamation has arrived.Ready or not, they are thrust in to the landscape of angels, and spirit guides, and energy healing, and an all-consuming need to make things light.

Cue Drama

With the herald of this long-awaited era in our human history comes drama, and lots of it. Paradigms are being challenged and shifted; dogma are being weakened and deflated; religions are losing ground; war is on the increase because demand for peace is on the increase; expectations of equality are being met; citizens are taking back the quality of their food and where and how it's produced.And politics... Politics are reaching a point of total ridiculousness as potential candidates, candidates, and incumbents scramble for footholds that no longer exist in a world that sees them as they've never been seen before. And in an arena too-long dominated by the masculine, the feminine is rising up like cream; the energy of the New Age representing and preparing to co-create the womb from which the era-to-be will be born.

Cue Light

With the herald of this long-awaited era, pretending what has worked in the past will work in the future is no longer an option. Veils have been lifted. Fog has been cleared. The sight of those who are awakened is sharper than any eagle, and that means, for those who would continue to align themselves with the diminishing darkness, there is no longer a place to hide.Light will illumine everything and everyone. No place to hide. Even better, no need to hide because the opportunity for a shift to higher vibrations is for all. There is no exclusivity in the incoming era; only inclusivity. All for one, and one for all.The New Age is coming. Are you ready? (If not: When?) Are you willing? (If not: Why?)

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