The Lie of Separation

The lie of separation - the lie that divides and categorizes us - comes from the human ego. The human ego loves to categorize, because it equates categorization with safety. That lie became entrenched in religious forms as a way of inducing fear and promoting adherence to rules that assured us entry to "Heaven" or condemnation to "Hell."

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The lie of separation exemplified

Two days ago, someone replied to a comment I made on YouTube nearly two years ago. I made it in response to a video about Doreen Virtue's abdication of her new age "empire." The video discusses how Doreen implied Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay didn't make the cut for entering "Heaven." (Video embedded below.)

I wrote: "She implied that?? That's awful. I can imagine Wayne and Louise sharing a chuckle over that one. (I don't believe there's a Heaven in the Christian sense. Rather, I believe that we return to whole soul energy and are uninhibited and unlimited in where and when our energy is.)"

The commenter from two days ago wrote: "Heaven is a religious term. It's called The Other Side and one doesn't go there unless they accept their spirit guides first as that's part of Universal Law."

And in reply, I wrote: "That sort of separation and requirement doesn't align with my belief system. From my experience, there is no 'other side.' There's no separation. There's no law that must be abided by to return to source. Peace."

About that lie...

Through what the commenter stated in their reply to me, they exchanged a religious law for a "universal law." The religious law tells us that accessing "Heaven" requires first accepting Jesus the Christ "as our lord and savior." And then the commenter's "universal law" tells us that accessing "The Other Side" requires first accepting our spirit guides.

That sort of spiritual gatekeeping raises all manner of caution flags. If we accept and adhere to the stated "universal law," we eliminate a slew of people from returning to source or source light*, as I term it. We do exactly as Doreen and her religion of choice does: separate and exclude. And all because someone may not accept their spirit guides, which they may not even know about or believe in.

Does that make sense? And does it align with what we know of the highest and best, which includes everyone no matter what?

In case of an unclear stance, my responses to those questions are "no" and "no."

The scope of the lie

The lie highlighted above illustrates only a small portion of the lie as a whole. As a whole, it's mammoth. Its existence isn't bound solely within spirituality. It touches nearly every facet of our human lives. Consider from your own place on Earth where the lie of separation rears its head. Consider work, school/college, play dates, sports, social media, the entertainment industry, politics and more. Anywhere the sort of gatekeeping discussed above exists, the lie exists. It's like a cancer, truly.

From my personal point of view, the lie of separation brought us to this flashpoint in time. It owns responsibility for the seeming across-the-board divisiveness we see every day in various forms. The one sure way to change it involves identifying it as a falsehood and redirecting our view from the ego's perspective to the soul's perspective.

Where the ego separates and excludes, the soul brings together and includes. And where the ego fears differences and embraces similarities, the soul embraces all of it.

Based on personal and professional experiences, one of our greatest assignments in this incarnation asks that we remember the truth: We are one.

Blessed be.

The video:

*Source/source light, in my belief and understanding, holds and births everyone and everything. Some call it "the one" or "the all." Others call it "God" or "Allah" or "spirit," etc.

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