The Jewels of Larry Crowne

Spoiler alert!There are spoilers in this post, so if you intend to see this film, you are hereby warned.I love going to the movies. I typically go by myself because 1) I like to, and 2) it's usually a last-minute, no-time-to-phone-a-friend decision to go.Last week, I took myself to see a late afternoon matinee of "Larry Crowne" at my favorite movie theater (smallish, comfortable seats, fantastic price: $6.00!).For all the previews I had seen for it, I went in with few expectations beyond that of the onscreen prowess and chemistry of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. I really only wanted to be entertained for a while.Not only was I entertained, I was delighted, heartened and, ultimately, satisfied.Some of the jewels:

  • Larry's poignant initial reaction to being downsized, which was relatable (especially given the current economy and job market) and brought tears to my eyes (This scene in and of itself was a wonderful reminder of why I love Tom Hanks for his acting skill.);
  • Larry's job search process, which was underwritten by this kind character's enthusiasm for life;
  • Mercedes's how-do-you-expect-me-to-function-at-this-ungodly-hour-without-at-least-one-cup-of-coffee-in-me and cocktail-hour-can't-come-soon-enough attitude was near-snorting funny;
  • Talia, Larry's head cheerleader and the epitome of the age of Aquarius in a smartly dressed package;
  • Mercedes singing "I'm called little Buttercup" from Gilbert and Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore" in her car;
  • A surprising financial and legal takeaway for a friend of mine facing a house-related situation similar to Larry's;
  • Mercedes taking back her power from her ne'er-do-well husband;
  • The development of several relationships in Larry's life as he takes action to improve his lot in life.

Is this movie an Oscar contender? Maybe not, but it didn't matter.It was gentle and witty, with a smattering of sometimes practical, sometimes wise suggestions for the title character. I enjoyed it immensely.And here is my bonus jewel:Larry Crowne epitomized one of the Reiki precepts: "Just for today, be kind." He treated everyone he met with kindness and that is a priceless jewel, indeed.

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