The Greatest Love Of All

This is one of the posts recovered after a botched website move three years ago. It was originally written and published on February 12, 2012.

Little did I know, logging onto Facebook a scant thirty minutes ago, that I would learn Whitney Houston, arguably one of the finest voices of my generation, had died.The first thing I thought - probably like most everyone else - was, "Drugs."Then streams of music started flowing through my head:

???? "I Will Always Love You..."???? "I Wanna Dance With Somebody..."???? "The Greatest Love Of All..."

I loved her performance in <b><i>The Bodyguard</i></b> with Kevin Costner, and also in <b><i>The Preacher's Wife</i></b> with Denzel Washington. She lit up the screen just as she lit up the stage.I keep coming back to a scene in <b><i>The Bodyguard</i></b>, toward the end, when Whitney's character and her sister sang a bit from the hymn, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me."The song was even put on the soundtrack from <b><i>The Bodyguard</i></b>, and I loved to listen to it - not because I'm an overly religious person, but because you could hear her faith come shining through. seems as though she lost that faith over the years. Was it her faith in Jesus? Faith in herself?Above all else, I can surmise, faith in herself; the place where it all begins - the place where everything begins.My heart goes out to your loved ones, Whitney Houston. May your soul be rekindled with the light that had been dimmed, now that you are free from the binds of Earth. Peace. Blessings.

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