The Full Moon and the Summer Solstice

The title of this post reminds me of a fairytale title, or maybe a parable or fable title.Let's be clear, though: This is no fairytale. And those in the far-off future will need to determine if it fits as a parable or fable.The full moon and the Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) rarely coincide. The last time it happened in this neck of the woods was 1948, almost three years after the end of World War 2.It's an era referred to as "the greatest generation." Whether or not that's true, it elicits a sense of hope and unity in spite of the war.In another neck of the woods, the last time this happened was 1967. It was the dawning era of the flower-power movement and hippies when love was all there was.Theirs was the generation that first sang of the "Age of Aquarius" with its promise that "peace will guide our planet and love will steer the stars."And it's another generation that elicits a sense of hope and unity in spite of war since the Vietnam war was in full swing.It's an interesting synergy, isn't it?Now, 68 years past 1948 and 49 years past 1967, that hope and unity aren't so noticeable. That is, they aren't so much on display.And yet that doesn't mean they aren't there. Here. It doesn't mean there aren't groups of people striving to restore hope and unity in spite of the current wars being waged both on and off the conventional battlefield.It does mean that a scab has grown over them; one that is very near ready to release and expose the new and strong energy beneath it. Energy embodying hope and unity.The Full Moon and the Summer Solstice

The Full Moon

This moon is the fourth of a cycle of four full moons that all fell within the Spring season. That's pretty auspicious in astrological and astronomical circles.The strawberry moon, as it's called here in the U.S., was full as of 7:04 am Eastern. That's an 11, numerologically speaking. After striking the 0,  7 + 4 = 11.11 is a master number and is very notable in this instance. It resonates with enlightenment and spiritual awakening and illumination.This full moon, even though it officially peaked in the Spring equinox, lends its energy to the Summer Solstice in a big way. And that's important.The energy of the full moon is a polar opposite to the energy of the Solstice.

♠ It's the Yin to the Solstice's Yang.♠ It's the Divine Feminine to the Divine Masculine.♠ It provides illumination.

No wonder its peak fell on an 11.It provides almost ideal balance, and it also provides what I'm hearing is a "tipping-off point."Let's learn more about that:

We wish to explain the energy of the full moon with the Summer Solstice is providing the energy which will require the present representative of the scab to be removed. We see the scab hides the truth of what is meant to be. We see the truth of what is meant to be is found between the energies of the full moon and the Summer Solstice.

For those of you who receive my weekly energy reading, refer to the references to that "rumbling" over the past two weeks. What might happen when the truth is revealed? Very likely a big-time rumble.

The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is the Solstice of warmth and growth. Here in the Northeast U.S., we can rest assured there really (really) won't be any frost warnings until Autumn; Mount Washington notwithstanding (bless the observatory staff!).The Summer Solstice activates at 6:34 pm Eastern in the United States. Numerologically speaking, that's a 4: 6 + 3 + 4 = 13: 1 + 3 = 4.Four is the number of the four elements and the four directions. It resonates with, among other things, passion, mastery, justice, systems, and progress.And the four immediately reminded me of two things: the fourth full moon of Spring (today's moon, which peaked this morning), and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse?

Yup. And before you wonder if I've gone all Biblical on you (I haven't), hear me out.Traditionally and respectively, the four horsemen represent conquest, war, famine, and death.Stop for a moment and consider what's happening in our world right now, in a very vivid and public way.

Conquest: ✔War: ✔Famine: ✔Death: ✔

And as for the apocalypse, let's look at the actual definition of the word, as intended through its ancient Greek origin: "...translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts, it is usually a disclosure of something hidden..."My understanding of the reference to the four horsemen and the apocalypse, in terms of where we are in our Earthly journey, is very much in line with the analogy of the scab.The removal of the scab is the apocalypse, which will then reveal the truth of - lift the veil from - what the four horsemen represent.And this makes even more sense when you consider the fire energy of the Summer Solstice; the Yang; the Divine Masculine.I just heard "In the heat of the moment." Yes, that.The heat of the moment - the Summer Solstice - is necessary to the removal of the scab. The cool light of the full moon will illuminate the truth. (There's that balance exemplified again.)

We see the Summer Solstice is the one which was foretold by mystics of the millennia, long ago. We see the understanding of the apocalypse is in conjunction with the energies of the present time. We see the world will be in a state of turmoil which will appear as an apocalypse and yet will reveal the apocalypse in its true sense as the Greek interests observed.

I'm feeling as though big puzzle pieces are moving into a position where they can finally be interlocked. It feels like another big shift is coming as part and parcel with this series of events.And yet...

Don't Expect a Big "Bang!"

This is a building-up; a slow boil.We're heading toward an inevitable "rumble" and yet it's highly likely it will happen in what we'll later term an "organic" way.And let's be really honest here, all of us.Unless we've been playing ostrich or living on a remote island with absolutely no Wi-Fi or other means of communication for the past year or so, that not-so-distant rumbling that's a precursor to the actual rumble will not be a surprise.

We see the energetic shifts of the growing awakening are resulting in thunder clouds and lightning blasts which are reminding those who are not yet aware of their true nature to pay close attention. We see the shifts are revealing the dark. We see the shifts are increasing the light. We see the personages who are wishing to maintain an attitude of masculine over feminine will represent the fall of the ego structure in the wake of the rise of the divine feminine into her full power.

So, there may not be a big bang, and yet there will likely be fireworks. And using the fireworks as a metaphor for this growing shift, let's remember...In their slumbering state, fireworks are symbolically masculine rockets loaded with combustibles.When they're awakened, fireworks are symbolically feminine luminaries full of color and beauty.It's time for the fireworks to be loaded and lit.The coinciding of the full moon and the Summer Solstice mark the loading.Let there be light.

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