The Full Blood Moon and the Eclipse

This week's full moon, which reaches its fullness between 5:24 am and 5:27 am Eastern U.S. tomorrow, August 18, is known as the Sturgeon Moon or Full Green Corn Moon.It's also considered a blood moon or red moon because the lighting in the sky will cast a reddish glow on it in some locations. And let's face it, if we see a red moon we can bet we're generating a certain energy around that redness.Add to that a partial lunar eclipse, and we've got an energetic soup heating things up.The Full Blood Moon and the Eclipse: What's happening energetically.Let's discover what it all means, this moon soup...

We feel the moon in the powerful Aquarius will create great boundaries for preparing to receive the energy of the one light. We see this transformational energy comes through with the full moon and begins its transit across Earth in the morning of the 18th.The energy of the full moon allows for the release of the old energies which have preceded the one light. We see the timing is in correlation with the incoming Mercury retrograde so the humans will have opportunity to revisit what they must and release all they can.This is important for receiving the one light energy. We see energy workers of Reiki and other energies will notice a shift in their energies as the retrograde progresses. We see the 21 days of the retrograde will make way for the one light energy to fully power itself and make itself available and accessible to all who will use it.The eclipse provides the additional intuitive energies required to bring in the one light energy. We see this is important as intuitive tendencies will bloom with the one light energy. The need presents itself for those who are highly intuitive to be in great grounding and prepare themselves to receive the new information which will serve them as they continue on their journies.

The One Light Energy

This may be a new topic for you, if you don't know me personally and/or if you aren't a current client.This is the new energy system that's birthing in conjunction with the rising vibration of our Earth.This energy, while similar in form and function to Reiki or Master Energy, is more vibrant and powerful than any healing energy we've experienced before now.(Given how it felt bringing in and experiencing the Master Energy, I can't even imagine how that's possible, and yet I anticipate it.)

Additional Intuitive Energies

Think "amping up." Think "super-sized." Those two terms will help to anchor a vision of what can be experienced through this new energy.I've noticed changes in how my intuition works over the past several weeks. There's a new HD quality to visions and messages, and the channeling - indwelling - has taken on a life of its own.It's pretty spectacular, I'm happy to admit.

Summing It Up

Remembering that the full moon is about releasing what no longer serves, consider that this full moon, occurring within the shadow period of incoming Mercury retrograde, is set up to prepare us for major spiritual and energetic upleveling.This is definitely feeling like a ready-or-not phase. Given my personal experience with not being ready for such phases, it's in our best interest to prepare ourselves ahead of time.We can do that through one simple practice: meditation.Are you ready?

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