The Elevens: The 11:11 Phenomenon

I began noticing the 11:11 phenomenon not long after the death of my friend Holly.

Holly was a woman I considered highly evolved (enlightened) spiritually and very attuned to realms beyond the physical. Her ability to see ghosts and her sense of the unseen and the "beyond" peaked my curiosity as much as it peaked my fear.

I had no desire to see ghosts, thank you very much. And I certainly didn't want to hear or receive otherworldly messages or have clear visions of what lies beyond this physical plane.

Then, on 12/12/2007, Holly died and everything, it seemed, began changing.

The night she died, finally at home and alone in my bedroom, I heard music. It was late, I was getting ready for bed, and I didn't have any music on. Clearly and "in stereo", however, I heard Pachelbel's Canon in D Major; Holly's favorite piece of music.

Accepting what I was hearing, tears came yet again as I had the strongest sense that Holly was with me; that she was letting me know she was okay - probably better than okay.

I told her I loved her and wished I could hug her one more time. I turned off the light, climbed into bed and closed my eyes to hear and to feel. There was no fear. Instead, there was peace and there was joy. I fell asleep comforted and reassured.

Holly's funeral was 12/17 and her birthday was 12/21. She would have been 53 years wise that Winter Solstice, and yet I believe she was needed for greater things than exist in this dimension.

The Elevens: The 11:11 Phenomenon ~ Intuitive Ellen

11:11 and More

It was soon after the Solstice that I began noticing the 11:11 phenomenon. Its frequency and its seeming lack of limitation stood out big-time.

You see, it wasn't just 11:11. It was 4:11, 7:11, 1:11, etc. And it was also 12:12 and 12:21. I noticed and marveled and shook my head and chuckled and, in the case of 12:12 and 12:21, smiled tearfully or simply cried. And yet I didn't know why it was happening. I didn't fully understand.

Fast forward one year to December 2008.

It was one of the darkest times in my life. I had been laid off at the end of May of that year and was still out of work. The holidays were upon me, there were no jobs to be had, the continuation of unemployment benefits was in question, my bank account was less than meager, the days were getting darker and so were my mind and soul.

I had turned to my newly-found skill of making bread for solace (and for saving on the expense of bread and heating oil). The hands-on practice of working with the dough a surprising and welcome sedative for the pain I was in.

In among all the turmoil and angst was an underlying sense of waiting... of "something coming, something good". That sense was not unfamiliar to me, as I'd been experiencing it on and off since about 2004. And yet it was getting stronger and it was giving me hope to cling to.

Having survived the holidays (just barely), the lightening of the days seemed to bring a lightening of my spirit and a strengthening of the sense of waiting for that indefinable something.

The clocks around me continued to play their amusing tricks until, finally, I noticed the appearance of "the elevens" wasn't random - far from it.

The elevens appeared when my thoughts and actions were centered around the spiritual. (And by spiritual, I'm not talking about reading The Bible.)

Past Forward

At that point in time, I was considering when I would see a past-life regression therapist and how that would be. The notion came from an episode of Oprah that inspired me to read Brian Weiss' Many Lives, Many Masters, and it refused to leave me alone.

I won't describe in detail (in this post) what transpired when I did go, at last, on a Friday at the end of February 2009.

I will tell you that upon walking into this kind man's office for the first time, having never met him before, he took my right hand in his and said, "You are one of the teachers who is going to lead us through the transition."

I was speechless, because I had expected something more in the line of, "Hello, Ellen, it's nice to meet you." On top of that, I hadn't a clue what he was talking about and told him so.

2012, Of Course

He clarified his statement by saying, very simply, "2012."

Oh. Huh? Really? Was he referring to that article I had stumbled across that talked about the end of the Mayan calendar in late 2012? On 12/21/2012, to be exact? He was. Really.

I left there over an hour later with my head full of images and information and new questions.

The elevens were quiet for a time.  Momentarily satisfied, perhaps, at my giant leap of faith toward awakening? Probably, since it led me to research the forecasted 2012 transition (not the end of the world; not "Judgement Day").

And it led me to cracking open doors within myself that I'd purposefully kept tightly locked, and then to Reiki.

So, back to the elevens (although it's all about the elevens, really)...

I have come to the conclusion that they're a marker, of sorts, for the spiritual and metaphysical; the soul.

Clearly, there is an awakening happening. There's an awareness building even without people being fully cognizant of it. I find this fascinating, delightful and hopeful. Most of all hopeful.

Question: Did it surprise you (anymore than it did me) that Ellen DeGeneres named her record label "eleveneleven" (she actually spells it out that way)? I think not, given her generous, open, loving soul. She is another teacher with a far bigger classroom.

Another question: What do the elevens mean for you? (What's your call to action?)

There is much more to come; much more to write about. I know that for certain, because the last two days have been chock full of the elevens. Will you join me? I would enjoy your company on this journey.

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