The Ego and Spirituality

The Ego and Spirituality

Two days ago, I posted this on my personal Facebook profile:

Deep thoughts this morning. Well, deeper than usual, maybe? (Maybe not.) Sometimes I feel like I'm four people with four distinct interests and purposes rolled into one.
*Person one is all about energy: energy healing, astrological impacts, etc.
*Person two is all about essential oils: conventional and unconventional uses, diffuser blends, etc.
*Person three is all about divination: Tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, divining rods, etc.
*Person four is all about intuition and spirituality: channeling, insight, ascension/enlightenment, angels, spirits and spirit guides, etc.
In deeper honesty, there are probably more than four people in play here (like, the one who cracks up over Match Game and cries over Outlander), and yet those are the four standouts. And, of course, it's my ego that creates the separation rather than allowing for the consistent melding into one.
This feels like a blog post in the making.

It led to some pondering, which was sorely needed, it seems obvious. And then, as synchronicity and natural order and universal law would have it, I benefited from watching a video during lunch that same day which helped to make more sense of my ponderings.

What makes that even better is, the video itself had nothing at all to do with my ponderings; not in the scope of its intended message. It was the subtext and a few well-placed phrases that hit me in the third eye like a bolt of lightning.

And it was that bolt which revealed in a different way what I know needs to happen; what this week's Taking On Tarot hinted at; what my ever-vigilant, ever-diligent spirit team and the angel and spirit realms have been pointing me toward for the past many months now.

The Ego and Spirituality ~ Whole-souled spirituality cannot exist with the ego.

The Ego and Spirituality ~ Whole-souled spirituality cannot exist with the ego.

The revelation was a vision with a clear method and outcome.

The vision included a tower, which was struck at its top by a flash of insight which then leveled the tower that had enclosed me. The moment it crumpled to the ground in a heap, much like a fabric tunnel that had been standing on end, I could feel the Earth beneath my feet and I could feel the sky all around me.

♥ There was expansion.

♥ There was clarity.

♥ There was gratitude.

♥ There was abundance.

♥ There was peace.

♥ There was love.

♥ There was light.

There was realization.

Not self-realization. Realization, period. The realization that without the ego, there is no self. There is no I. There is only us... We. Unity. Oneness. True realization. Whole realization.

When the ego self is no longer towering, when it crumples to the ground in senseless disarray no longer capable of solid structure, what was once a piece of the puzzle becomes a part of the puzzle in an inextricable way. Beautifully connected. Infinitely powerful. Wholly magnificent.

Message received. Now, what?

Later that afternoon - at exactly 3:11 - I was guided to lie down on my bed. I don't do naps or daytime lie-downs for any reason except when I'm guided in this way; walked by the energies that work through me to my bed, seated on the bed, and then laid down it.

I knew what was coming: another energy download. 44 minutes later... Those same energies and the additional energy who I've yet to identify sat me up and guided me off the bed. My third eye was buzzing, and the serenity I felt was so complete as to render me incapable of anything except a peaceful openness that was sweet beyond measure.

It was the aftermath of the ego's death, exemplified. The sense of flow was profound. The sense of awareness was profound. The sense of intuition was profound. The sense of connectedness was - you guessed it - profound.It felt like floating; effortless and buoyant and comforting and powerful. It lasted all night.

That's my what-next. That's what this is coming to. And I can't be the only one who's coming to this state of egolessness as a way of being on the Earth plane at this time in history. My ego is dying. Others' are, too. Big change is coming.

Temperance: Taking On Tarot

Temperance: Taking On Tarot

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