Energy Healing and Reiki: What's the Difference?

Energy flows where attention goes. ~Michael Beckwith

When I first heard that phrase, it was associated with Rhonda Byrne's movie, The Secret.

The Secret-based shows on Oprah's talk show, in which Mr. Beckwith participated, fueled its flame.

In the wake of the 2006 movie and its companion book, intentions and vision boards blossomed in a sea of directed energy. Thinking back on it from this perspective, I wonder at the healing all that focused energy may have initiated.

Energy flows where attention goes. ~Michael Beckwith | The difference between energy healing and Reiki

I'm a Reiki master teacher. Reiki is a healing practice I feel is similar to meditation and Yoga in the sense that its presence is best felt in being present; in a quiet and calm mind and an open heart.

With Reiki, I simply place my hands lightly on or above my client's body in a state of openness. While my mind is quiet, all my senses are at attention.

With watchful eyes, I note the depth of their breath, any movement of their body, and the expression on their face.

In the Reiki healing space, I am facilitator and observer.

With Reiki, which is mostly hands-on, clients tell me:

♥ "I know your hands were on my shoulders, but it felt like they were on my feet"
♥ "I feel so relaxed. I feel like I just woke up from a good night's sleep."
♥ "My doctor said I'm healing really fast."
♥ "I felt my hip shift back into place when you moved your hands from my stomach to my knees."

In the energy healing space, I am facilitator and participant, and sometimes observer.

With energy healing, my eyes are mostly closed. Behind my closed lids, I see my client's body, and yet not in the physical sense.

I see is an endless array and flow of color and light; chakras and fields, stagnant or undulating; etheric cords; past-life artifacts.

With energy healing, which is mostly hands-off, clients tell me:

♥ "It felt like water was flowing from my head to my feet."
♥ "That was intense. I feel really good."
♥ "My doctor couldn't find the mass. It isn't there anymore."
♥ "I felt my hip shift back into place."

I don't bring expectations into either healing modality. They don't serve me or my clients.

I do bring intention into energy healing, while I don't bring it into Reiki healing.

The intention I bring into an energy healing session is, I believe, the key to manipulating the energy. The intention creates attention, and energy flows to the focus of my attention.

In that case, then, it's true: "Energy flows where attention goes."

Have you experienced energy or Reiki healing? If yes, what did you feel? If no, would you want to?

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