The Card Spread I'm Currently Loving

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm talking about the card spread I currently love to distraction.31 Days of Tarot, Day 27 ~ The Card Spread I'm Currently Loving: The Take-Action SpreadMaybe "currently loving" is too... much. Maybe "currently appreciating" would better describe my feelings for this spread.And maybe that's because it's a highly action-oriented spread. It's a spread that digs in and then basically plops responsibility right in your lap and says, "Get to work."This spread is...

The Take-Action Spread

The Take-Action Spread is a five-card spread designed by my spirit team. Who else and who better?It's a spread that gets to the heart of the matter through its investigative cards, and thrusts the querent into the heart of the action needed before offering up potential results.It's a spread for those who want - or need - to get 'er done, and get 'er done "right." No skim-coating. No eggshell-walking. No cheap-and-dirty ish.You can use either Tarot or oracle cards, or a mixture of both if that's what you're guided to. There are no "rules," so to speak, when it comes to the cards used.Here's how the spread works:The Take-Action Spread | Intuitive Ellen ~

The Cause ~ Card 1

This is the focal point of the reading, in that this is what inspired you to draw cards to help you take inspired action. Whether it's a situation or a relationship or a "business interest," as I just heard, that's your cause.

The View ~ Card 2

This is how you're viewing the cause. This is your perspective on it from a "helicopter" perspective. You're up just high enough to view all the moving parts, and yet not so high that you can't feel the "temperature." (Interesting way to put it.)

The Worry ~ Card 3

This is the nitty-gritty of it. This is the part of the cause - the underlying part, most likely - that might be keeping you up at night. This is the part you'd perhaps avoid, if you could, even though doing so wouldn't serve you or your purpose.

The Action ~ Card 4

This is where responsibility steps into the picture. This is where you're asked to get your hands into the dirt so you can plant seeds, or perhaps it's that your hands are already dirty and need washing.Metaphorical? Yes. Purposely so, since there are so many possible scenarios that could bring you to this point of being and doing.

The Result ~ Card 5

This final card offers up the potential result of the action. It's a potential result because there are many factors which can play into its actualization.Here's the thing, though: The result offered is the one which is intended for you; the one which is for your highest good based on your soul's purpose.It's the result you're meant to achieve, so... take action.You can purchase a Take-Action Reading from me on my Email Readings page.

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What's Going On Energetically?

What's Going On Energetically?