The "C" Word Women Hate to Love

This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally written and published on 05/20/2013.

"If your life was a word cloud, the biggest word, right now, would be 'control.'"I said that to a client recently. Not only did she agree with me, she said it would be the case for her whole life.I identify, which is why I could share that insight with her.I like to be in control (do I ever) of myself, mostly, and sometimes of other people and situations - especially when I know they might affect me and what I want to accomplish.I also love to organize, which can become an exercise rich with the topic at hand.This particular "C" word isn't always bad. Quite the opposite. It can be very healthy to control:
  • our sugar, salt, and alcohol intake
  • the amount of time we spend on social media
  • the number of commitments we juggle at one time

Trouble arises when we lord lady it over what is beyond our control, and maybe even none of our business, like:

  • the way another person acts and reacts (none of our business)
  • how fast we - or a loved one or client - heal from illness/injury (beyond our control)
  • how a situation a loved one is in plays out (probably none of our business and beyond our control)

Letting Go

If we choose to let go of the need to control, we can:

  • go with the flow and enjoy the ride
  • relax and allow our bodies to heal more efficiently
  • tend our own best interests

It might feel scary and uncomfortable at first, but in letting go, we set ourselves free.Are you in control?

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