The Archives of Women

The Archives of Women


I was guided to post this on my Facebook page this morning:Renewal ~ Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck

Renewal ~ "We see the energies are shifting and there is a new energy forming to enter in the full moon. We see the energy which enters will prepare the women for the power of their ancestors. We see the women ancestors rise to reduce the presence of the masculine. We see in this way balance is achieved.The energy which accesses the archives of women opens Friday and enters the women who have been preparing to receive it."

I wondered about the choice of this card, from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck, this morning. And then the message came and I was like, "Oh, I guess it's time to talk about this."

It was one week ago today, I believe, that I first heard of "the archives of women" from my spirit team. Preparations for opening the archives are underway, and will be complete tomorrow by the end of the day. On Friday, I'll be joining with two women to apparently open the archives, as has been told to me.

While it isn't completely clear yet what's happening, the method that's been outlined to us is deeply shamanic in nature. And that makes sense since two of the three of us are deeply rooted in those practices through our healing work and purposes.

One thing I can say for sure is, the energy that's been pouring in this week as part of the preparation is yet again completely different than anything I've experienced to date. I literally woke up this morning wondering what was going on, as my main chakra system - root to crown - was activated to a point that the sensations from tailbone to crown were almost too much for me. Almost.

My friend Tina and I often say, "We aren't in Kansas anymore" when the energies change with such force. (And every time we exchange energy healing.  ;-) lol) I said it to myself this morning. I suspect we'll be saying it Friday morning when our gathering is complete.

I'd love to know what you're feeling about this. Have you been noticing changes in the energies? Has anything been coming up for you around women - specifically historical spiritual women such as St. Brigid, Joan of Arc, Mary, Mary Magdalene, etc.?

You can view the Facebook post right here.Restoring the Archives of Women

The Archives of Women

What are the archives of women? That, to me, is the big question in this most recent turn of events.

We see the archives of women was formed to protect the energies of all women who used their souls' lifetimes in human form to further the powering of the Earth energies and to retain balance between the masculine and feminine.We feel the time has come for the archives to reopen. We see the energy of the feminine has been returning. We see the power of the feminine is rising. We see the Earth is in need. We see peoples are in need.

While there's still a nebulous quality to this, even with the explanation, I can explain what I'm feeling from the response, and also what I've been noticing over the past three weeks, before receiving notice about this new opening.Three weeks ago, Danielle LaPorte posted a series of photos from her travels to the south of France to visit the last places Mary Magdalene lived and prayed and served before her passing.(You can view them starting here. There are 19 images in the series. Use the left-of-image arrow to navigate chronologically.)I'd heard rumors about the possibility of her traveling to France after Jesus' passing, I didn't consider the rumors were anything more than that. And yet, there were Danielle's live-and-in-person photos, with goosebump-worthy hashtags #marymagdalene and #heartonfire.Those photos shook me to the core, and perhaps especially the last one which is the last remaining human piece of the Magdalene: her skull. I became very emotional, almost to the point of sobbing.A week and a half ago, I gathered with my Ya-Yas for the first time since July, and for the first time since my soul sister Debra had returned from a bucket-list trip to Ireland. She arrived with a treasure for each of us: a bottle of water from St. Brigid's well in Clare.Since hearing of Deb's experience there (for her, it was very profound, which is what led her to return with water from the well), I've learned there are 15 wells in Ireland associated with Brigid, aka Brighid, aka Bridget.In my research, two stood out powerfully: this one in Kildare (County Kildare) and this one in Killare (County Westmeath). And of those two, the one in Kildare provides the most resonance. There's something about the five prayer stones...This week, I'm noticing a deep pull into my root chakra. The pull is as visceral as it is visual, and it's deeply rooting (which makes sense) and also deeply unsettling. It feels like the unsettling aspect has to do with a massive energy shift in the making.And I've seen visions of women as flames with bright white orbs of light above the tip of the flames. The flames are mostly red with tinges of yellow. Once again, there's a deep pull into my root chakra as I consider them.Friday, I gather with my friend Tina and one other woman to bring the archives of women into reopening.As directed, sage will be burned, the bottle of water from St. Brigid's well will be put to use, and something will come into being that is necessary to represent the rebalancing of the divine feminine to the divine masculine.The closer we get to Friday, the higher the energy rises. And of course, there's no coincidence that Friday features both a full moon and an eclipse. Feminine energy will be magnified in a huge way, which is entirely appropriate given the task at hand.Any thoughts, feelings, and/or insight are welcome and appreciated.In love and peace.

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