The Angels Speak: Message 2

We see the variety of changes which will come with the new energies. We see the need for precaution against overwhelm of the senses and the empathy.We see the need for Epsom salt baths and foot soaks.We see the addition of the lavender and the peppermint will facilitate the release of excess energy.We see the need for the quartz and the tourmaline.We see the smokey quartz and the black tourmaline will facilitate the clearing of excess energy which is not your own.We see the need for sleep.We see the people do not experience the sleep that is beneficial to their human needs. We see this must change to support the new energies.We see the need for rest.We see the rest is the time of silence and stillness in the daytime hours apart from sleep. We see the rest of the meditation will incubate the energies and prepare them for the release.We see the release will place the energies in the positions which will most benefit the spirit through the human frame. We see the positions will allow for the angels and the spirits to work more closely with the humans.We see the need for patience.We see there will be a cluster of many energies which will arrive with the release of the Mars retrograde, and there will be additional arrivals during the course of the summer months of July and August and September. We see the energies will require patience as they manifest into their full power.

Whew. That came out in a big rush. Let's unpack it a bit.The Angels Speak: Message Two

New energies...

These are the energies that have been coming up for weeks and weeks now. These are the energies of the next wave of awakening.The energies will wake up millions more people who are not yet aware of their spiritual nature. They will also increase the energetic power of those who are already awakened, which means greater abilities and greater sensitivities and therefore greater need for self-care.

Lavender and peppermint...

We're talking essential oils here. While the two companies I'm most familiar with and get the spiritual and angelic thumbs up from, are Young Living and Butterfly Expressions, consult your divination tools and/or spirit teams for the best oils for you.

Smokey quartz and black tourmaline...

These may be the optimal choices, and yet you're invited again to source your divination tools and spirit teams for the stones which will provide you with the best support for your energetic system.The intent with these is to help diffuse the energy your empathically acquire. With so many people about to be woken up... We're all going to want every tool at our disposal to be put into service.


Speaking for myself, I can attest to the fact that my sleep has changed dramatically over the past week or so. Where it was extremely broken and sometimes hard to come by in reasonable quantities, I've been getting great quality sleep in very reasonable qualities.In the midst of that sleeping, my dreaming has taken a dramatic upward turn in terms of quantity and quality, too. I have many dreams, every night, and they are HD quality due to the depth of detail and the full-color expression.


...aka meditation. If you've been relatively lax or completely lax, now would be a good time to make a real commitment to this practice. Commit what time you can, whether it's five minutes or 20 minutes or more. Every day.Not only will it help you manage the energies and the empathic magnification, it will also help your intuition and your angel and spirit communication big-time.


With yourself and with others. It will help.

Any questions?

Hopefully, this makes sense. If you're on the awakened path, it probably will. That doesn't mean you don't have questions, or that new questions won't arise with these changes.Feel free to post questions as comments so we can all benefit.

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