The Angels Speak, Message 3

The Angels Speak: Message Three

We see the need for all to stop.All hatred. All power-struggle. All violence. All war. All pettiness and intolerance and bulliness.We see the need for all lightworkers to intend love and to practice peace.We see the need for the messengers of the light who are here on the earth to give voice to the reasoning of the angel realms and the spirit realms.We see the angel and spirit realms are weeping and wondering when the lightworkers will take greater action through their voices.We see many hold back. We see many shrink back.We see the lightworkers are in need of shining their light through their voices and their writings.We wish for you to undertake this effort.We wish for you to take a stance of love and peace.We wish all lightworkers will practice the lightwork to which they were committed and contracted in the purpose for this incarnation.We see this is how the earth will heal. We see this is how the violence will end. We see this is how hatred will remand itself to love.

----------- -----------This is a call to action, dear ones.This is a plea that we take actual proactive action through our communications and with our "tribes."We have no time to waste. We have to do our work now.

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