The Angel Numbers are Updating, and Other News

I'm laughing over the fact that I was guided to start this post at 2:22 pm, having not a blessed clue what the topic was.It's unusual for me to make announcements about upcoming posts, and yet that's what the first part of the title does.News: The Angel Numbers are Updating, and Other News

The Angel Numbers are Updating

Angel numbers... 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999. They are getting an update because of the updated energy we're working with.I wrote the post for it - a long, long post - yesterday and was guided to schedule it to publish at 2:22 pm tomorrow; Friday the 14th. And what's funny about that is how many times I asked, "Why wait? Why not Thursday?"Apparently, in part, because of the wish for me to announce it in advance, if even by just one day. The rest?

We see the vast change in energy today was needing to incorporate with the Earth before the angel number changes would be significant.

Ah, I see. "Significant" is in the context of being effective; of being in alignment. That makes sense, especially given the change of energy that happened earlier today.So, stay tuned. The current meanings are here if you're interested.

Other News

This will be even more interesting than the title because I don't know what the "other news" is. lol ? Let's find out together.

We see the news is the addition of new readings. We see the Ellen will wish to offer readings specific to the soul purpose. We see the readings will offer the recipient a creative format through which to see what their soul purpose is for the lifetime current.

-> Insert a full-out giggle here.To be clear, I've received a whole lot of guidance before around what to offer for services. This is a first in the sense of receiving the information in a public manner; at least, a manner meant to be made public.Imagine me scrambling to now to consider what "a creative format" might look like; if the reading is meant to be a phone call; if there are divination cards involved...Then again, I could just ask.

How are the soul purpose readings to be formatted?

We see the readings will be via email. We see four cards. We see four messages from the spirit teams of the recipients. We see the question is, "What is my soul purpose?" We see the answer is that which the four cards and the four messages reveal. We see the energy exchanged will be $44.00.

Now, imagine me attempting to negotiate the price to a lower point, using my "regular" email readings as a comparison. No-go. More on that.

We see the energy impact of the soul purpose reading is greater than the energy impact of other questions. We see the energy required to source the soul's transcription which is not as one with Akashic records is representative of far greater time and energy than the traditional email readings.

And now the picture is becoming clearer.Yes, the reading is specific to the soul's purpose, and yet there'll be more information provided than might be expected and from an energetic "stronghold" requiring more energy of the human sourcing it.Namely me.

Anything else to share?

We see the people will wish to remain in peace while the world is regaining balance. We see the need for patience.

And so it is. ?

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The New Angel Number Meanings

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