The 811 Portal of 2019

The 811 Portal of 2019


The 811 portal of 2019 acts as a restart. We could consider it the start of a new hero's journey. We could also consider it a chance to "get it right this time" - whatever "it" may be.

The 811 Portal of 2019 | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive :: The Soul Ways

"The 811 portal brings together a vast understanding of the lessons learned, the lessons desired, and the way in which to integrate those lessons into the human life. There arrives a potent engagement with starting anew within the portal, so much so that for some it may feel as though starting from scratch."

So, apparently the 811 portal of 2019 is no joke. And its numerological vibration very much aligns with the sense of a restart or starting anew: 8 + 1 + 1 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1.

One is the Ace in each of the four Tarot minor arcana suits. Each suit - cups, pentacles, swords, wands - represents its own hero's journey, from Ace to King. One is also The Magician in the Tarot major arcana, and yet it isn't the first card of the major arcana. Key 0, The Fool, starts us off in the majors, and there's an important differential between the two.

Whereas The Fool surrenders - takes a leap of faith - without any true preparation for what's to come, The Magician comes prepared. And that certainly gives The Magician a leg up, of sorts.

So, we come prepared for this portal and its call to start over in whatever way that may come about. We have our eyes wide open, deeply aware of what must happen, even if what happens next remains unclear. We feel it. And we know it.

Activation for the 811 portal of 2019

"For this activation, we ask you to engage with your breath, and center your awareness upon the presence of the spirit true. The spirit true rises as though engaging angels' wings, lifting you from the spine and activating the chakra system. This reorganizes an energy ready for engagement with you, and ordains you through the next portal."

Whew. Heady stuff here, and not just because I feel high from channeling it. "The spirit true" represents the all; the one (or one light); source; spirit; God; Allah... whatever label you choose for that infinite presence. And the spine reference feels aligned with kundalini energy - or at least similar.

Intending, then, that we're lifted - raised up - by that energy as we...

  • breathe with gentle and easeful intention,
  • focus our awareness on "the spirit true" and
  • accept the energetic realignment offered

...offers us all we need to navigate this refresh. It sounds simple, doesn't it? May it be so.

See you on the other side. Blessed be.

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