The 711 Portal of 2019

The 711 Portal of 2019


Today we "celebrate," I hear, the 711 portal of 2019... And it needs pointing out that this is the first portal of this calendar year associated with the word "celebrate." So, that seems positive and hopeful.

The 711 Portal of 2019 | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive :: The Soul Ways

"The 711 portal dances with the oppression and the suspension, urging a flow which increases a change. The change manifests in myriad ways, imparting an engagement which breaches infrastructures and enlivens muses."

That's a beautiful message. I deeply appreciate the "dances with the oppression and the suspension" part, especially. It feels fluid and hopeful. And while whimsical in its terminology, we could identify the energy around it as "sure-footed." The energy of the portal would certainly take the lead on the dance floor.

And here we have change showing up, once again. The 711 portal of 2019 seems intent on aligning itself with the changemaker energy of this eclipse season we're in. And we might just agree that's a good thing. (I agree.) We need change right now, from the human level through the "infrastructures" level, and on to the Earth level.

For clarity, "infrastructures" feels related to government bodies, specifically. When I asked if it also related to corporations, I heard, "No." So the energy of the portal breaches the infrastructures at the government level by creating flow. That could mean some red tape that's held certain things up may untangle itself.

Then there's the energy's intent to "enliven the muses." For creators - artists, writers, etc. - that seems thrilling. Perhaps those who experience writer's block and the like will find those blocks removed and the ideas flowing.

Accessing the portal energies

"The access requires immersion. The immersion requires surrender. The surrender releases the bonds. The release gives voice to openness."

So, that's... helpful? It is helpful, actually. Wherever you may be, and whenever the opportunity allows today, take a few moments to stop. Once stopped:

Imagine that you're immersing yourself in a crystal clear, uninhabited body of water. The water temperature will exactly match your body temperature.

And now, let yourself float there in the water. Make no effort to move or to swim. Rest there... "repair" there, I hear...

With the "repair" you will notice a shift in your perception. It may feel and/or appear as though the lights have come full-on. (Did you know they were dimmed?) See what there is to see now.

"Powerful intuitive opening arrives through the portal. There will be much to see."

And so it is. Blessed be.

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