The 511 Portal of 2019

Here we are, at the 511 portal of 2019. Immediately I heard, "It's the Earth portal." And while unexpected, that message feels accurate. There's a lovely verdant quality to this portal's energy that vibes distinctly with our Earth. It's deliciously grounding.

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The 511 portal of 2019...

"...offers a unique opportunity unlike the previous 11 portals you experienced this year. It offers an invitation for renewing the grounding and connection to Earth."

Pillars of light extending from the soles of my feet and deep into Earth display in my third eye. Repeatedly, I might add, over the last month or so. The feeling around this indicates those pillars might replace the roots envisioned previously for grounding purposes.

They certainly feel sturdier and stronger, and extremely purposeful. And on that note, it seems wise to share something related.

When I draw back and observe my own energy body with those grounding pillars of light, I notice something important: From my crown chakra, another pillar of light extends upward and outward. Light pours down through that pillar, into my crown, and down through my feet. From there, the light pours through the pillars descending from my soles and infuses Earth with its healing.

In other words, this new way of grounding supports Earth as much as it supports us. If this resonates, allow the pillars to replace the roots used previously for grounding measures.

Portal Energies

The 511 portal energies...

"...enter the crown chakra and radiate directly to the solar chakra. They engage powerfully with the center point of the intuitive system. The energies enhance the intuitive cognition and ignite a rapid increase in the dynamics of the intuitive engagement.

"Further, there enters the energy that permits reattunement to Earth. The reattunement opens a dialogue between soul and Earth which creates new coding. The coding sequence aligns with Earth's poles, and engages Earth's grids. This allows a greater energy of healing to enter Earth and begin her regeneration."

That all sounds a little intense and a lot hopeful - particularly the part about Earth. It also feels like a next-step rather than a sudden transformative leap. This tells us the previous portals prepared us for this eventuality. Increased "intuitive cognition" and engagement supports us while the rest supports Earth. That's a gorgeous balance. We're ready.

Now, we need only open and receive. I heard, "a few minutes of the meditation upon the portal initiates the energy sequence." How unassuming and simple a practice for such a generous upgrade.

Blessed be.

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