The 411 Portal of 2019

Here we are, standing at the threshold of our fourth 11 portal of 2019. Its energy feels markedly different from the previous three. And that makes me curious to know more.

The 411 Portal of 2019 ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #411 #411portal #transformation #thesoulways

The 411 Portal of 2019

The energy of this portal feels whisper soft, even though its motion is quite active. There's a clear sensation of rocking; as though being cradled and rocked. It's soothing... comforting. And yet, at the same time, there's a feeling that urges watchfulness... awareness... deep presence for... something.

"The 411 portal engages a sense of rest as there is a need to pause for its transmission. The portal acts as a scanner, evaluating and identifying the energies required to encompass the cosmic DNA with balance and rejuvenation. Through this action, the cosmic DNA will be supercharged for the next ascension energies, which enter with the full moon. To receive the scan and the charge, allow the softness of meditation and surrender to the portal."

Going deeper...

What I see looks very much like a regular bed with a human form lying upon it. Then, I notice a bright light scanning from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, in slow motion. As it passes over the body, I notice movement within the body. It's almost as though an electric charge engages areas along the way, resulting in a "jumping" from the charged areas, and occuring in a wave-like fashion from head to toe. The effect is very colorful, with golds, pinks and lavenders evident in a very sparkly, starlit way.

That vision tells me we're working with the energy body more than the energy field through this portal. Our cosmic (soul) DNA is intertwined with our human DNA, which is an important piece of information with this portal's intent. Through the scan, we're correcting what needs correcting; healing what needs healing; forming what needs forming. And it's all for the purpose of making us ready and able (physically able) to receive the next round of ascension energies.

Once the portal opens on the 11th, as that date dawns, it will remain open through the 12th. Within that time, if you wish (please wish), allow yourself to rest and receive. Surrender to the scan and the charging so you'll be ready to receive the new ascension energies that enter with the Libra full moon on the 19th.

Blessed be.

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