The 333 Portal of 2019

It wasn't until I was drafting our illumination for the week of 4 March (publishing on 3 March) that I fully realized the import of this 333 portal. Basically, its importance was shoved in my face, and my heart, and my soul in one massive whoosh of a download. Divine timing at work, for sure.

So, how is it that we come to the 333 portal? By virtue of divine numerology, of course. Wink.

The third day of March is, all on its own, a 33 portal. It's day 3 of month 3. This year, we have a bonus three that derives from the calendar year: 2019. And this is how it happens: 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 : 1 + 2 = 3. The root numerology of 2019 is 3; the energy of The Empress. (Its cousin energy is 12; the energy of The Hanged Man.)

That's how we arrive at the 333 portal.

The 333 Portal of 2019 ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #333 #333portal #thesoulways

The 333 Portal of 2019

"Prepare yourself for a warming season. The 333 portal treasures you with a gift of consciousness which will prepare you to receive all that has been foreseen within the energetics of the soul you be. To receive the consciousness, reason with the quietude and the soul eye. Reason, too, with the solar plexus and the heart. The one hand upon the solar plexus and the other upon the heart while the focus is upon the soul eye will engage with the energy and bring it to you. Permit its transfusion, as it will assist you to engage with the 7th-dimensional frequencies enrobing the Earth."

Wow. That's quite a message. Let's break it down a bit.

"A warming season"

My understanding is, "a warming season" isn't indicative of Spring on its way. Rather...

"This is a warming of the human nature, and it is a warming of the energies for the 7th ray. The warming will increase in great multiples until the 7th ray has been seeded fully."

I looked up the meaning of the 7th ray. Even though I'm vaguely familiar with the concept of the seven rays, I don't consider them within my wheelhouse, so to speak. So, I turned to Wikipedia.

In one instance, the 7th ray is that of "'Organization and Ritual' or 'Ceremonial organization' or 'Ceremonial Magic or Order'." It aligns with the color indigo (the color associated with the third eye, aka the soul eye). It's also associated with the planet Uranus and the Aries zodiac sign.

In a second instance, the 7th ray is that of "Freedom of God." It aligns with the colors violet and amethyst. Its qualities are freedom, mercy, and compassion. Its gift is prophecy and "working of miracles." It's also associated with the master Saint Germain. Learn more here.

The 7th ray's being "seeded fully" would seem to indicate that we're preparing to anchor the energies of that ray to Earth. "Yes." That means all those beautiful qualities entering and infusing our planet. How lovely.

"A gift of consciousness"

The 333 portal brings an initiation or, as I commonly refer to them, a download. And from the phrasing of the message, it seems clear this is a "prelude," of sorts. It's a download that's meant to put us in alignment to receive the next download.

In effect, it's laying the foundation, and it's raising the frameworks for walls, ceilings and floors. What follows in the next download will be the "substance" of the walls, ceilings and floors. Make sense?

"To receive the consciousness..." in a quiet and meditative state. Place one hand upon your solar plexus, and the other upon your heart center. Focus your attention upon your third eye (the "soul eye"), intending to receive the 333 portal download. Allow whatever is meant to happen, to happen. Be receptive; open and curious and observant.

"7th-dimensional frequencies"

This is the second time this week that something's come up around frequencies higher than that of the fifth dimension. I discussed these higher frequencies a wee bit in a post from earlier this week: Origin Energy: Exploring Our Soul's Origins.

When I asked, "Do we need to know more about the seventh-dimensional frequencies?" the answer was "no." That wasn't the answer I was hoping for.

So, then I asked, "May we know more about the seventh-dimensional frequencies?" and the answer was "yes." Thank you very much.

"The 7th-dimensional frequencies encompass the energy of oneness as it relates to energies without identities that set them apart as individuals. Instead, they are as one; a true portion of a whole. The frequencies of the seventh dimension dance with the light. They stream in the light. They are enrobed with light such that they are light, both in frequency and in appearance."

Okay. Boiling that message down, it seems to me what's being said is that there's no ego to create any individual identities. Because of that, there is an essence of light which is able to fully engulf the individuals. They look as one, and they are as one, even as they may move independently of one another. (Here I am, breathing into the grasping of that concept.)

Editing this to add another message, which came through as I was proofreading: "Who we be in essence is seventh-dimensional energies." To clarify, "we" refers to the energies supplying the channeled messages, and to myself - among hundreds of thousands of others. It may refer to you, too. Reading my origin energies post linked above may help.

So... Wow.

I don't feel I have anything cohesive or comprehensive - or maybe even coherent - to add to that. I'll definitely be making space to bring in the initiation/download. Will you? If you do, I'd love to hear about your experience.

Blessed be.

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