The 311 Portal of 2019

On 3 March, we walked through the 333 portal. We received a simple activation practice to receive the initiation - the download - available to us. It was a preparatory initiation, meant to ready us for a much more significant one to follow.

The 311 portal is that initiation. And we're asked to stride confidently through it, rather than "just" walk.

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The 311 Portal of 2019

This portal is a "changemaker." Its route numerology is a 5 (3 + 1 + 1 = 5), which is a number of change; of contraction, so to speak.

The action of this portal is very much like a birth canal. (There's the contraction.) With this birth canal, as we move through it we're almost forcibly "exfoliated" of energy we no longer need. (It's 5:11!) And once we move through it, we find ourselves in "wide open spaces" with a lot less baggage weighing us down.

"The 311 portal acts as a catalyst for change. It reinstates the sovereignty of the feminine in balance with the masculine such as has been missing for eras. The sovereignty balances the scale further, permitting all who would take notice to better understand what lies ahead, as true balance is restored, and the feminine equals the masculine."

So, that sounds like a preview of coming attractions, in a way. Even better, it's a sort of next-step practice. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if there was a sudden, sharp shift that "dethroned" the patriarchy and reinstated the matriarchy as equal sovereign? Most likely, it would be less beneficial than is ideal.

And even though many of us are chomping at the bit for the full restoration, better to do it in a way that will be beneficial for all. Agreed?

Receiving the 311 Portal Initiation

For this initiation, we're back to an 11-minute practice. You may wish to set a meditation timer for this. (I use Insight Timer.)

Here are the steps:

First, allow yourself to be in a comfortable position, breathing easily.

Second, envision the portal, making note of how it appears for you as you imagine yourself striding confidently through it.

Third, bring your attention to your crown chakra, and imagine it opening to receive the transmission.

Fourth, allow the transmission to enter your crown chakra, and associate itself with all your chakras.

Fifth, deepen your awareness of the process and its effects as you rest quietly in receiving.

  • What emotions arise?
  • How does your body respond? (Any energy jolts or other sensations?)
  • What do you see through your third eye?
  • Do you hear anything?

Sixth, notice what's on the other side of the portal as the activation is complete. Make note of how you feel. Make note of any messages you may receive.

As you come back to present, perhaps you'll wish to journal your experience while drinking a large glass (or reusable bottle) of water.

Blessed be.

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