The 211 Portal

There's a hum - or is it a thrum? - in the air. The quality of the hum/thrum is vibrant and billowing... encompassing... promising. It sparks and radiates, lifting us, even as it tones the ground beneath us with stability, and with healing. This is the 211 portal.

211 Portal ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #211 #211portal #activation

The 211 Portal

The magic of this portal lies in its resonance with work - soul work, that is. It's work that aligns with our soul's calling and contract; its voice and power.

Soul work is that work which brings healing to us, to those we serve, and to "the masses." It also brings healing to Earth, whether by intention or association.

"Get down to business" is the theme of the 211 portal. It asks us, invites us, implores us to lay the groundwork for the seeds planted through the 111 portal and now stirring within.

It opens the potential for fertilizing those seeds through our soul work, and preparing them - and us - for the next phase of evolution.

It also opens us to relay the energy of the awakening in a more concerted way; a more community-oriented way. We may find that we feel called to "rise up" with others in ways we've yet to undertake.

The Activation

Yes, this portal has a "designed" activation, and it's "immense." It feels like we're upgrading from a spiritual Windows 7 to Windows 10.

So... Are you ready to activate the 211 portal energy? Do you have 11 minutes of quiet time to invest and receive?

If so, you may use the following activation protocol, or channel your own. Do what resonates. There's no right or wrong way to receive the activation. All it requires is your intention.

Activation protocol

Make yourself comfortable on a chair, a cushion, a bed... anything you can relax on.

Set a timer for 11 minutes, if you wish. (If you do, choose a gentle chime for the 11-minute mark.)

When you're ready, close your eyes.

  1. Quiet your mind. Allow any thoughts to enter and exit without judgement.
  2. Quiet your breath. Allow it to be low and slow, breathing deep into your abdomen with total ease, and breathing out with that same ease.
  3. Envision the energy of the portal. Simply allow yourself to see it. Notice how it appears to you. Be aware of its colors, its vibrations, and its sounds and movements, if any.
  4. Invite the portal energy to activate your entire chakra system. (Refrain from placing limits on the number of chakras. There may be dozens involved.)
  5. As you continue breathing low and slow, be in receptive attention. Allow yourself to be aware of - witness to - everything available to your intuitive and physical senses.
  6. As the energy subsides, allow yourself to feel centered and focused. Intend that you're grounded.
  7. Open your eyes.

You're complete.

Questions to reflect on (and perhaps journal)

  • How did you feel as you began?
  • What did you feel as the energy engaged with you?
  • What did you see, hear, taste, smell?
  • Which of your chakras "lit up"?
  • What sensations arose from the activated chakras?
  • How did you feel with the activation's completion?

Blessings be, love.

A Love Note from Spirit

Illuminating the Week of 11 February 2019