The 11/11 Portal of 2018

As I begin typing, it's 10:10 am on 11/10/2018. How fitting, as 1010 certainly comes before 1111. And now, it's 10:11. Perfect.

We're upon the 11/11 portal again. The energy is rising and shifting. It reminds me of ascending a mountain, or ascending in an airplane, and the atmosphere change requires our ears to adjust by "popping." The adjustment permits us to be in frequency with the thinning air at those higher elevations.

For sure, this 11/11 portal will offer us "higher elevations," of a sort, because this portal's energy is a triple-11 frequency - unlike the "forced" triple-11 frequency of 11/11/2011.

The 1111 Portal of 2018 ~ A blog post by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #1111

The difference between 11/11/2011 and 11/11/2018

It's all in the numerology. 11 is a master number. It isn't resolved to a single digit. In numerology, 2011 resolves to a four: 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 4. That's why the 11/11 portal of 2011 wasn't an actual triple-11, even though most of us treated it as such.

On the other hand, 2018 does resolve to an 11: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11. That's why the 11/11 portal of 2018 is an actual triple-11, with the frequency to match it.

What does that mean for us?

"It means that the vibration entering through the 11/11 portal will be triple-activated. This means that the vibration which will assist with the ascension of the Earth and its peoples will be magnified in triplicate, and will promote a three-pronged efficiency within the extension of the ascension codes.

"The three prongs are celestial, spiritual and earthly. The celestial energy brings forth the ways of the universe in a more kindred fashion, resonating as though with a deep friendship and engaging with the heart. The spiritual energy brings forth the ways of source energy through the soul's margins, activating the chakra system to systematize the upgrades of coding with better efficiency. The earthly energy brings forth the deepening of empathic relations with all and with everything, enforcing a way of understanding that all are connected. 

"This will open further the engagement of the new Earth energy with the current Earth energy. This will help heal the planet faster, and bring about the advent of the peace times."

That's a juicy message. Let's unpack it.

Celestial energy

The notion of there being a sort of "deep friendship" with "the ways of the universe" is captivating. I see Anne Shirley and Diana Barry in my third eye, and when I consider the nature of their friendship - tried and true, through thick and thin and sick and sin - the words "trust" and "faithful" arise.

There's a sense of us taking the universe's "hand" as an act of loving cooperation and communication and relationship. It feels warm and wonderful... much like Anne and Diana's kindred-spirit friendship.

Spiritual energy

In considering the concept of source energy entering "through the soul's margins, activating the chakra system to systematize the upgrades of coding with better efficiency," this feels like the "usual" procedure for downloading ascension codes. What's different is what these ascension codes will achieve within our chakra system to make aligning with new ascension codes a more efficient procedure.

Since I'm a person who asks "Why?" a lot, I asked why this change was happening. The response I received indicates that we'll be receiving a more concentrated - "intensive" - series of ascension codes with greater frequency. The upgrade to our chakra systems will help facilitate the "installation" of all that energy without breaking us. (If you've received some of the more intense downloads, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, bless you.)

Earthly energy

Big sigh, here, from this empath who has noticed a sharp rise in empathic activity over the past month or so. It isn't an "oh, no" sigh or a "poor me" sigh, it's a sigh of understanding and acceptance.

There was another mass shooting here in the U.S. on Thursday, 8 November. When I heard of it, I was saddened - maybe a bit disappointed - and yet I wasn't feeling any intense emotions around it because, I believe, we've all become at least somewhat numbed, in a way, to these sorts of events. I just heard, "It's all too much." Yup.

On the other hand, also on Thursday, 8 November, a bird flew into the front window of this house with such force that when I went out to see if there was a bird on the ground, I found it lying upside down, completely senseless.

Oh, my heart. I was devastated.

I scooped it up and settled it, upright, in my right hand with my left hand gently cupped over it. Reiki flowed of its own accord. I talked non-stop to that bird for approximately 10 minutes, near tears the entire time, aching over that sweet creature's pain.

After those 10-ish minutes, it showed signs of activity. Several minutes later, after a seemingly endless stream of assurances and encouragement, the bird flew out of my hand and up high into a tree, and then on from there. Even knowing that bird was going to live to see another visit to the bird feeder, I felt horribly out of sorts over the whole incident. It took me hours to unwind from it.

Why is that share important?

It's important because it shows the variable in how I'm processing empathy - and perhaps an example of the variable in how all of us who are empathic are currently processing empathy.

It's important because what I'm understanding about "the deepening of empathic relations with all and with everything, enforcing a way of understanding that all are connected" is it's going to "redistribute" how we process empathy and it's going to amplify our empathy.

And, for those who are disconnected from their empathy, there's going to be an "enforced" reconnection with it. (Holy Hannah.) The purpose of that is summed up in one word: compassion.

The peace times

When "the advent of the peace times" came through at the end of the channeled message, there was a blossoming warmth that unfolded from my heart chakra. That warmth is hope;

  • hope that our navigation of these upgrades will work toward healing Earth;
  • hope that we, as a populus, will get our acts - and hearts - together to work more in accord with each other;
  • hope that the new generations will engage more wholly with their souls within their human forms;
  • hope that this is all happening at a point that isn't too late for all of the above.

The peace times appear golden in a third-eye vision, and that directs me to the concept - metaphor - of the Golden Age relayed through ancient Greek (and Egyptian, too, I believe) texts. That such an age (the age of Aquarius?) is in the offing feels, yes, hopeful... and necessary. May it be so.

In closing...

If you want to actively engage with the 11/11 portal, you simply need to set aside some time to be in quiet and stillness on 11/11 - allow 10, 15, maybe even 30 minutes if you feel it requires that. Do that around the time of 11:11, if you wish. Allow yourself to tune in and open up and feel what's happening within you and around you. Surrender to the energy. Receive it.

Blessed be.

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