The 111 Portal

Today marks the first 11 portal of 2019; the 1/11 portal, a.k.a. the 111 portal. Each month has its own 11 portal, and I'll be highlighting them throughout this year.

What does the 111 portal mean?

It means that we're gifted with the presence of the 11 energy, combined with the energy of the month it falls within. What's the gift of the 11 energy?

The 11 energy is a spiritual marker. It denotes a shift in spirituality or a call to spirituality. It may deepen our spiritual awareness, or it may wake it up and us along with it.

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The 111 portal is the fresh beginning. It is the essence of starting something new; of birthing; of creating. The energy of the 111 portal engages us with a call to action, which may be of a creative or productive nature. It's an active energy. It assists us to move through the sequence of events and actions necessary to produce or create what is ready to come forth.


Considering that information, and considering that this entryway is open today and will support us into February...

  • How will you apply the 111 portal energy to your work and life?
  • What is it that needs to receive your creativity now?
  • What is it that needs to receive your productivity now?

These questions may help you hone in on what will best support your spiritual nature for the next month.

If you want to see how the energy of the 111 portal aligns with the angel number 111, you can view that here. If you want to see how it aligns with its "assignment" in the context of the 11s, you can view that here.

Blessings be.

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