47 Terms for Lightworkers, Earth Angels, etc.

47 Terms for Lightworkers, Earth Angels, etc.


This post downloaded into my consciousness a few weeks ago. I mean, the inspiration - and instruction - for it appeared out of the proverbial blue. And I found myself equally tickled and terrified. Beyond presenting the 47 terms lay a second and initially overwhelming instruction: Create a word find with them.

47 Terms for Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Etc. ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #earthangels #lightworkers #wordfind #thesoulways

Don't get me wrong. I love word finds. They're genuinely supportive of brain health, which is great. And yet there's a difference between doing a word find and creating a word find. Even so, and perhaps not surprisingly given the way this post arrived, the word find came together with remarkable ease. (Although that ease doesn't necessarily transfer to solving it.)

As for the terms themselves, they offer a decent cross-section for our community. Notably absent: divine feminine and divine masculine. Since that absence feels highly intentional, a developing theory on that may make its way into a separate post.

47 Terms for Lightworkers, Earth Angels, etc.

Each term is followed by a brief and simplified description.

A terms...

Akashics: The Akashic records, also known as "the hall of soul stories" and "the universal truths."

Aliens: Extraterrestrials, offworlders and other cosmic beings.

Altered States: States of consciousness different from our standard human state. They may be achieved through hypnosis, trance work and meditation.

Ascended Masters: Those enlightened souls who work as one through the Council of Light.

Ascension: Movement toward balance. Another word for enlightenment.

Astrology: The study of the planets in direct relation to our human state.

Aura: The energy field that surrounds every living thing.

Awakening: Spiritual evolution in this dimension and current time frame. Also known as the Great Remembering.

C terms...

Cartomancy: Using cards - playing, Lenormand, oracle, and Tarot, etc. - for divination and insight.

Chakras: The energy bases supporting our soul in the human incarnation.

Channel: One who communicates messages from other beings, dimensions, etc., whether through writing, drawing or speaking.

Clairalient: One who accesses the intuitive sense of clear smelling.

Clairaudient: One who accesses the intuitive sense of clear hearing.

Claircognizant: One who accesses the intuitive sense of clear knowing.

Clairgustant: One who accesses the intuitive sense of clear tasting.

Clairsentient: One who accesses the intuitive sense of clear feeling.

Clairvoyant: One who accesses the intuitive sense of clear seeing.

D through G terms...

Divination: The art of intuiting information, sometimes with the support of tools such as cards, pendulums, etc.

Earth Angels: Angels who incarnated expressly for supporting Earth.

Earthkeepers: A branch of lightworkers devoted to preserving Earth.

Elementals: A general term for energies aligned with Earth's major elements (air, earth, fire, water), including fairies, gnomes, sylphs, dragons, mermaids, phoenixes, and unicorns, etc.

Empath: One who is highly sensitive to the emotional energies of people and places.

Enlightenment: The pinnacle of spiritual ascension.

Fifth Dimension: A dimension which powers the energies of the ascension and supports the energies of the angel realms. The dimension of the Age of Aquarius.

Galactic: Cosmic; extraterrestrial; off Earth.

Grounding: The act of creating an energy foundation to support high spiritual work.

Guides: Our teams of spirit energies who support us through our human incarnations.

H through P terms...

High Vibe: A term used to describe a person, place or situation with feel-good energy.

Incarnations: The various lives we inhabit throughout our soul life.

Intuition: A general term for our soul senses, which exceed the limitations of the human senses.

Lightworkers: Those people who incarnated to raise the vibration of Earth and her inhabitants.

Meditation: An altered state that aligns with the soul.

Medium: One who communicates with our in-spirit loved ones.

New Age: A term used to define this era of awakening.

New Earth: A term used to describe Earth in its "reformed" 5D state.

Oracle Cards: Decks of cards which may use symbolism and/or keywords and phrases to deliver messages.

Paranormal: That which is beyond the generally accepted human norm, such as ghosts and poltergeists, for example.

Psychic: One who accesses their intuitive senses. (We're all psychic.)

R through W terms...

Reiki: A form of energy healing which generally uses symbols channeled by Mikao Usui.

Rituals: Acts performed with deep intentions, which are usually spiritual in nature.

Scrying: The art of seeking visual insight using tools such as a crystal ball or mirror.

Signs: Synchronistic messages appearing in the form of everyday items and occurrences.

Soul: Our true self, unfettered by the physical.

Spirituality: Alignment with the spirit/soul over the human.

Tarot: A form of card divination that uses symbolism and story to gain insight.

Walk-Ins: Souls who inhabit a human whose birth soul vacates the body earlier than planned.

Witchcraft: The "old ways" by which a person works with nature (the elements, the seasons) to create harmony, healing and magic.

So, those are the 47 terms offered up for this post. Do you notice any others that seem blatantly missing? Comment below. And now, for your brain's health, I offer you...

The Word Find

It uses all 47 terms. So, have fun with that and thank me later. *wink* Also, extra points for engaging your pendulum as a helper for the seemingly unfindable.

You'll see the graphic just below, and yet it's unsuitable size-wise for doing the deed. That's why I added a link, just below the graphic, which opens a printable PDF.

Word Find for Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Etc., from the post 47 Terms for Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Etc. by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #lightworkers #earthangels #wordfind #thesoulways

Click here to download and print the PDF.

I truly hope you enjoy the word find, and enjoyed the post. Any ideas for future posts and potential word finds welcomed.

Blessed be.

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