Talking About Ascension: Energy, Symptoms, Abilities

Ascension. The dictionary tells us it's "the act of rising to an important position or a higher level" and "the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection."

In spiritual (not religious) terms, ascension is...

...the means through which the human body is ordained to be as one with the spirit on the human plane.

Ordained works surprisingly well here given its nod to work that is holy in origin. Ordained means, in simplistic terms, to make holy. That is definitely a hallmark of ascension.

So in order for it "to be as one with the spirit on the human plane," the body must be made holy.

We see the human body is unprepared to harbor and harness the energy which is required for ascension. We see the human body must be made ready for the energy. We see this is achieved through what you may call ordinations.

Ascension Energies, Symptoms, and Abilities

Ascension Energy

The energy of ascension "ordinations" (first and last time I'll be putting that in quotes) is unlike any sort of energy work received through a Reiki or energy-healing practitioner. And it's unlike any sort of energy received through past-life work or other psychic work.

That said, it can sometimes happen that an ascension ordination will occur as the result of benefits received through a Reiki or energy-healing practitioner, or as a result of past-life or other psychic work.

The energy of ascension ordinations is all about shifting; sometimes in a way so palpable you might swear your flesh and bones were being manually manipulated.

And sometimes your flesh and bones may be manually manipulated, albeit without human hands.

For example: During one particular and vividly recalled instance 15 months ago, my arms and legs were manipulated into specific positions. When that happened, the ascension ordination I was currently experiencing intensified.

The intensity of ascension ordinations is another hallmark of ascension. They are intense. You will feel that energy in ways and places you never dreamed would be impacted.

If someone was to ask me what an ascension ordination felt like, I might describe it as a whole-body tingle-fest bumped up about a million times, and accompanied by energy infusions so powerful that my whole body jumps as though it's been shocked.

And the thing is, it doesn't necessarily hurt, and it also doesn't necessarily feel "good." At least, not until the kundalini energy starts to kick into high gear. (I'll save that particular aspect for a separate post.)

Please note that I wrote "it doesn't necessarily hurt." I'd be lying if I said I'd experienced no pain throughout the ascension ordinations I've received. With the type of shifts happening internally at that energetic level, it's nearly impossible to expect there won't be growing pains.

Ascension Symptoms

The symptoms associated with ascension are varied and can oftentimes be mistaken for common ailments such as the flu, colds, and general achiness which can sometimes happen to the healthiest of us.

The thing about ascension symptoms is, they tend to come and go with the rapidity of an on-and-off switch.

❊ One moment you're fine, and the next you're feeling like you need to crawl into bed with a hot toddy and a hot water bottle.
❊ One moment you're feeling achy and feverish (although your thermometer shows no fever), and the next you're ready to run a 5K.

To be clear, it's been my experience that some of those moments can last for hours or days. It's just that they come on with extreme suddenness and go off with that same extreme suddenness.

Here's a not-comprehensive list of some of the ascension symptoms I've experienced so far over the past seven years:

✨ Intolerance for any and all forms of violence in person and through media.
✨ Intolerance for any and all forms of injustice in person and through media.
✨ Tingling sensations at all chakra points - sometimes singularly, sometimes in pairs or trios, sometimes all together.
✨ Tension in the occipital region.
✨ Tension in the third-eye region.
✨ Tension in the temple regions.
✨ High-pitched toning in the right ear.
✨ Sudden dizziness whether sitting, standing, or lying down that feels like it's generated from outside the body.
✨ Full-spine tingles up and down the entire length of the spine.
✨ Abrupt changes in eating patterns and choices.
✨ Intolerance for loud noises which results in a need for absolute quiet.
✨ Intolerance for politics that marginalize anyone or anything.
✨ The inability to read fiction unless it's specific to something of a highly spiritual nature.
✨ Sudden and inexplicable weight release.
✨ Sudden and inexplicable weight gain.
✨ Occasional excessive elimination that doesn't match intake.
✨ Change in hair color.
✨ Insomnia.
✨ A need for extra sleep in spite of no change to my schedule.
✨ The need to lie down during meditation because of incoming energies.
✨ Sweeping feelings of peace and love.
✨ Sweeping understandings about Earth and her needs.
✨ Sweeping needs to be in harmony with all.

It's important to note here that aside from being overweight, I'm very healthy. No chronic illness. No serious dis-ease (aside from the overweight). I'm acutely aware of and in tune with the state of my body and mind, and spirit, too.

Which brings us to...

Ascension Abilities

There don't seem to be many people talking about the abilities that come with ascension.

And that surprises me, given that ascension ordinations can be very much like keys unlocking doors we didn't necessarily realize existed, nevermind realize they were locked and we could acquire the keys.

Ascension abilities are those abilities we're all born with and yet forget in the process of being humanized. They're abilities that put the "extra" in front of "sensory."

Here are some of the ascension abilities that have been unlocked through my own ascension ordinations:

The ability to...

✨ see energy fields and what lies within them;
✨ see the human body as an energy field and identify areas of concern;
✨ feel physical sensations of other people;
✨ hear the wisdom of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, spirits, fairies, elves, sylphs, etc.;
✨ channel - in verbal and written fashion - the wisdom of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and spirits;
✨ physically feel the presence of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, spirits, fairies, elves, sylphs, etc.;
✨ channel the healing energies of gods and goddesses and spirits and angels;
✨ see, sense, heal, and clear energy anywhere in the world;
✨ identify and be identified by spirits who need to be crossed into the light, and to cross them into the light;
✨ charge objects and people with energy.

These abilities are available to everyone who aligns themselves with their spirit. Imagine that. Envision it. Open yourself to it. Be it.

That concludes this first post about ascension energy, symptoms, and abilities. There'll be more to come.

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