Wheel of Fortune: Taking On Tarot

Wheel of Fortune: Taking On Tarot


X. Wheel of Fortune

My self-study of Tarot continues with Wheel of Fortune. Or, as I just heard, "the circle game." (The song.*)

Taking On Tarot: Wheel of Fortune ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deckFirst Impressions

Completion of a soul's cycles; everything accounted for; enlightenment; light and shadow; angel and devil; resurrection; freedom from all restraints; cyclical; directional; divinatory; ultimate healing; divine knowing; Akashic records.


Angel, sphinx (?), eagle, winged ox, winged lion, snake, Anubis (had to look this up), compass/wheel, four alchemical symbols of elements, Hebrew letters for YHWH (Yahweh), T-A-R-O(-T) or R-O-T-A, clouds, books.My eyes immediately and repeatedly go to what I perceive as the compass in the center of the card. I note what appears to be an arrow pointing East and hear "rising sun," and then wonder if that's meant to be "rising son."


Gold, orange, white, blue, red, gray.In spite of the shadowed clouds, this card reads as very vibrant. The light and mid-tone gold leap off the card. "Gold standard." Hmm...

What the Guide Says

"Destiny, fortune, success, luck, felicity. Reversed: Increase, abundance, superfluity."Felicity: intense happiness.Superfluity: an unnecessarily or excessively large amount or number of something.

What Spirit Says

We see a new arrival on the earth plane.We see a completion for an old soul.We see a completion of a phase of life.We see a recreation of a creation.We see an opportunity to install new companionship.We see a person who is nearing the end of their human life.We see a person who is arriving at a new season of their life.We see a person who is willing to undertake the rigors of their own cycles.We see a person who is capable of reading Akashic records.We see a person who's arrival on the earth plane signifies great change in human consciousness.We see a person whose coming was foretold..We see an opportunity of redirection and change of the life course.We see a person who is a representative of the spirit realms.We see a person who is willing of heart.We see a person who is aware of a creation which will evoke all deities.

Other Impressions

This card is vibrating in my heart and third-eye chakras. They light up when I stare at it.It feels like this card represents everything that's "real," which is nothing that's human.Celestial, etheric, heavenly, esoteric, witchy."Go to the light." Or maybe "Phone home." :-)

*The Circle Game


Essential Energy

For me, the energy of the Wheel of Fortune resonates most with Sacred Mountain essential oil blend.Sacred Mountain Essential Oil Blend by Young Living resonates with the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card.What came up for you around the Wheel of Fortune?

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