The World: Taking On Tarot

XX1. The World

My self-study of Tarot continues with The World. Or, as I just heard, "everything."Taking On Tarot: The World ~ An exploration of the Universal Waite Tarot deck through self-study.

First Impressions

Gift, privilege (not in the egoic sense), fulfillment, completion, wreathed in light, spiritual gateway, sacred feminine, balance, power, flight, aloft.


Angel, eagle, lion, bull, wands or candles (dual-flame) or scrolls, sash, wreath, sky.What stands out most here, for me, is the sash. There's something really important about its inclusion in the image, and its color, of course. I keep hearing/feeling spirit and spirituality and all that comes with it.The color lends itself to a connection with the crown chakra, so there's that. And yet it's more than that.It's the flowing and free nature of the sash's placement that feels like energy moving in the way it's meant to; the way it can best be facilitated and worked with and used to the greatest benefit. Huge implications here.


Red, green, purple, blue, gold, brown, white, blue, gray.It's the purple of the sash that stands out, even against the vibrant (and dominant) green. See the Symbols section, above.

What the Guide Says

"Assured success, route, voyage, emigration, flight, change of place. Reversed: Inertia, fixity, stagnation, permanence."Yes. Unusually and notably, full-out yes to all of it.

What the One Says

We notice a person who is connected in all possible fullness to a way of spirit.We notice open communication with all realms of spirit.We notice accessibility to Akashic records.We see a great understanding of the ways of the universal energies.We see ability to traverse across all realms and planes.We see openness to spatial considerations.We see correction of ego as it limits abilities.We see great opportunities to create wellness upon Earth.We communicate oneness onto a person who is reaching abilities of this nature.Creation of a new reality through which all are served.Contract of the soul met.Creative mission metEarthly mission met.Correlation with final incarnation.Correlation with original incarnation.Correlation with the one.

Other Impressions

Sacred reconnection.Parallels to the enlightened ancients.Possible connections to ancient Egypt and/or Atlantis.Possible connections to other-world wisdom; interstellar wisdom."Out of this world."What came up for you around The World?

In Awe of "Arrival"

In Awe of "Arrival"

The Corner of Love and Pain