The Star: Taking On Tarot

XV11. The Star

My self-study of Tarot continues with The Star. Or, as I just heard, "the light energy of the cosmos."Taking On Tarot: The Star ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

First Impressions

"Seasons of Love"; heaven on Earth ("Heaven is a Place on Earth"); idyllic; true believer; abundance in all things; celestial messenger; star of Bethlehem; giving and receiving; restoring.


Seven white stars, one yellow star; urns; water; bird; tree; distant mountains; grass.It's the yellow star that stands out, and not just because of its size. I look at the star and see the sun. And isn't it true the sun is a star? The sun (star) is life-giving and light-giving. Without it, Earth would, in essence, die.And it strikes me that Earth can also die without the energetic (metaphysical) representation of the sun star's light. It's the incoming light which is making every effort to raise Earth's vibration and to heal the planet and all on it, after all.


Yellow, white, blue, green, red, brown, gray.It's the white that's capturing my heart and reminding me who we are at our essence: the pure white light of the one. The pure white light of love. The pure white light of all that is and was and ever will be.

What the Guide Says

"Loss, theft, privation, abandonment, although another reading suggests hope and bright prospects for the future. Reversed: Arrogance, impotence, haughtiness."This is yet another one of those times when I realize two things:

1) The guide's insight rarely matches my intuition or the wisdom of the one, and2) It's in part for realization number one that I don't use the guidebooks that come with card decks.

What Spirit Says

We see a promise made and a promise kept in a soul contract.We see a symbol of coming hope and reexamination.We see a symbol of a savior or a group of saviors.We see a consciousness greater than an ego.We see a person who is attaining higher understanding.We see a person who is dipping into the well of universal truth.We see a person capable of joining the realms of angel and spirit with the realm of earth.We see a person who is accessing a realm which is of another solar system.We see a person who is a star child.We see a person who is of off-planet origin.We see a windfall.We see someone who can bring the stars down to earth.We see a person who is an astrologer.We see a person who is a student of the stars.We see a person who gives of themselves to nurture earth and stars.We see a person who is allowing an astral travel.

Other Impressions

The age of Aquarius."Written in the stars."Wishing on a star bears fruit.Messenger from the stars.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of this card resonates with Benediction essential oil blend.What came up for you around The Star?

Proper Use of Energy Work

Power Resists Power