The Moon: Taking On Tarot

XV111. The Moon

My self-study of Tarot continues with The Moon. Or, as I just heard, "the truth teller."Taking On Tarot: The Moon ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

First Impressions

Different faces = different phases; twin towers or stanchions create a border, not a barrier; howling at the moon; bright as or brighter than the sun; dream time; moonstruck; intuition.


Moon; lobster; fox and hound; path; towers; water; earth (ground); sky; stars (?).It's the face on the moon that draws me in. I want to know her secrets. I want to gain her wisdom. She speaks to me of knowing and understanding and seeing all with compassion. She seems to understand the necessary balance of dark and light. She makes no judgment.


Yellow, gold, shades of blue, gray, shades of green, brown, tan.It's the deep indigo blue that frames the moon that seems to saturate the image with its glorious richness. It's the background of a tapestry of lights big and small. It's the third eye as the framework for everything.

What the Guide Says

"Hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, error. Reversed: Instability, inconsistency, silence, lesser degrees of deception and error."Calumny: the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone's reputation; slander.Yet again, I'm struck by how I find almost no resonance with the guide's keywords and phrases.

What the One Says

We see an innocence revealed and revered and reveled in.We see caution in a moon which is new or full, with reasoning of energies of receiving and opening when new and releasing and closing when full. We see the moon energies affect the lightworkers with great significance.We see a person who is deeply intuitive and highly intelligent.We see a person who is in their moontime.We see a person who needs to tune into their intuition.We see a mastery of astrology.We see an emotional person.We see an emotional situation.We see shifts in energies which change a person's nature.We see the shifting of the tides of the earth.

Other Impressions

Illusion as reality and reality as illusion.Charting a course into the unknown."Veil" between worlds.Creation of a concept of intuitive relationships. (That is to say, opening to the concept of intuition, and the relationships it can forge.)Flowing energy; ride the wave; go with the flow; swim with the tide.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of this card resonates with Moonlight essential oil blend.What came up for you around The Moon?

In Conclusion: Taking On Tarot

The Rain Will Come