The Lovers: Taking On Tarot

The Lovers: Taking On Tarot


V1. The Lovers

My self-study of Tarot continues with The Lovers. Or, as I just heard, "those who are better together."Taking On Tarot: The Lovers ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot Deck

First Impressions

Soulmates; possible twin flames; opposites attract; coming together; marriage; partners; all elements "in favor"; unity; perseverance; "In sickness and in health"; true love; yin and yang; divine masculine and divine feminine


Sun, angel, tree of life, apples, snake, burning bush, clouds, mountainFor me, the angel and the sun dominate this image. They "rise above" everything; watchful; illuminating; guiding; guarding.


Purple, yellow, red, blue, green, white, brown, orange, blackThe purple of the angel's vestment is that of divinity and intuition; really, all things spiritual.The red of the wings feels extraordinarily purposeful.The small swatch of black to the right of the tree of life could easily feel ominous. Instead, it feels almost incidental. It feels like, "By the way, there are shadows here, too."

What the Guide Says

"Attraction, love, beauty, trials overcome. Reversed: Failure, foolish designs."

What Spirit Says

We see a couple who are destined as a pair.We see a woman who is without a partner who is her "better half."We see a man who is without a partner who "completes" him.We see a communion of souls which is preordained and will execute a spiritual revelation.We see a companion who will fulfill a need for a human contact.We see a pair who are a twin flame.We see a pair who are ready for marriage.We see a pair who are ready for mutual partnership.We see a pair who are necessarily apart as they prepare to come together.We see a pair who are necessarily growing apart in order to achieve individual spirituality.We see a man and a man or a woman and a woman or a man and a woman. We see the time for the gender inefficiency and judgment must now end.We see the need of a companion in life.

Other Impressions

The words "ordained" and "preordained" and "sanctioned" keep coming up as I gaze at this card. Each time, my eyes dart up to the angel and the sun.It feels like this card ultimately sheds light on a union in any state, including coming and disbanding.There is a deeply-rooted sense of spiritual consequence here, beyond the obvious imagery; the angel; Adam and Eve.I questioned the phrase "those who are better together." It surprised me. What I'm shown is oneness. That's the full intent of that statement.As for the "better half" and "completes" statements, I'm made to understand that those are misguided human notions. There's no such thing as a better half in a relationship, and no person can complete another.The mention of soulmates was expected. Typically, those who enter into a relationship are soulmates of some sort. Ideally, they're fulfilling a contract to be in the relationship in their mutual lifetime.The mention of twin flames wasn't expected, although I concede its mention is appropriate to the card. As I've been taught by my guides, twin flames enter the Earth plane together in their first-ever incarnation and exit the Earth plane together in their final incarnation.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of this card resonates most with Rose essential oil blend.Rose Essential Oil ~ The essential oil of The Lovers | Young Living Essential OilsWhat came up for you around The Lovers?

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