Knight of Wands: Taking On Tarot

Knight of Wands

My self-study of Tarot continues with the Knight of Wands. Or, as I just heard, "one who does."

Taking On Tarot: Knight of Wands ~ An exploration of the Universal Waite Tarot deck through self-study, intuition, and channeling.First Impressions

Revolving or evolving (similar?), movement, inflammatory, serving, potent, fiery, crass, ambitious, motivated, dashing off to save the day - or the world.


Lizard, wand, leaves, horse, armor, feathers, mountains.What stands out for me is the horse - the "steed," as I just heard. The stance of the horse is important to this card's tone, as it indicates a sort of flight aka movement. Notice the horse's eyes, which are rather wild-looking. This could speak both to the horse's temperament as well as to its rider's temperament.


Orange, silver, gray, black, yellow, brown, green, gold, blue.It's the burnt orange of the feathers (which are a close complement to the color of the horse) that stand out. I feel and hear "fiery" and make an association with the sacral chakra and its "fiery" orange color; a color of passion.

What the Guide Says

"He is shown as if upon a journey, armed with a short wand, and although mailed is not on a warlike errand. He is passing mounds or pyramids. Divinatory Meanings: Departure, absence, flight, emigration. A dark young man, friendly. Change of residence. Reversed: Rupture, division, interruption, discord."Hmm... Well, some of it jives with what I'm intuiting from this card. I'm in agreement with the first sentence, although the use of "armed" in association with the wand doesn't feel appropriate or, as I just heard, "admissible." The word I'd use instead: attended. It feels more like the wand is an attendant to his cause.The "dark" descriptor, as with the King and Queen, gets a big old "no." The rest... Sure.

What the One Says

We notice a restless person who requires mobility and desires to be of service to change and growth.We notice a person of intent.We notice a person of need to create something of significance.We notice a person of ambition.We notice a person whose worth is measured through accomplishment.We notice a person who enjoys adventure and the exotic.We notice a person concerned with evolution of self.We notice a crossroads for a traveler.We notice opportunity for travel or for moving house.

Other Impressions

The theme from "Mighty Mouse" comes up around this card, and yet there's a distinct Lone Ranger vibe, too."Charge!" This might be a person who tends to charge into situations; impetuous or, more dramatically, compulsive. came up for you around the Knight of Wands?

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