The Hierophant: Taking On Tarot

The Hierophant: Taking On Tarot


V. The Hierophant

My self-study of Tarot continues with The Hierophant. Or, as I just heard, "the one who is disciplined."Taking On Tarot: The Hierophant ~ A Tarot self-study using the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

First Impressions

Peace; divinity; sovereignty; patriarchal; religious; virtuoso; "Keys to the Kingdom"; papal; Masonic; ruler; balance; spiritual advisor; leader of a church; brings people together


Crown, staff, keys, crosses, pillars, roses, liliesThe keys. It's all about the keys on this card. At least for now and for this purpose. They're the unlockers of all universal knowing. (No biggie. ;-) Right?)


Red, gold, white, blue, black, greenI studied the red and heard, "Holy fire." And then I thought, "Holy Fire Reiki."Typically I don't gravitate toward red unless I'm paying attention to my root chakra. The fact that I find the red robe of The Hierophant appealing - in a yearning sense - is fascinating then. To me.

What the Guide Says

"Marriage alliance, captivity, servitude, mercy and goodness, inspiration, the man to whom the Querent has recourse. Reversed: Society, good understanding, concord, over-kindness, weakness."Concord: Aside from it being the state capitol of New Hampshire and the name of one of my favorite grape types, the definition of this word is "agreement or harmony between people or groups."

What Spirit Says

We see a person who is capable of creating unity, harmony, and grace.We see a person with an air of wisdom who is humble in the wisdom.We see a person without reserve.We see a person who wears their heart on their sleeve.We see a person who practices loving-kindness and compassion.We see a person who is deeply spiritual and wholly guided by Spirit.We see a person deeply rooted in their faith and open and understanding of other spiritual persuasions.We see a person of great respect and leadership ability.We see a person without need for vestments to feel the worth of their religious sensibilities.We see a person who is prepared to wade into the fray to create a peaceful resolution.We see a person who can change a world of darkness to a world of light.

Other Impressions

This is a person to whom people look for guidance.There is an air of humility here. Their importance is not self-generated or self-revered.This is a person who speaks the truth of the world, and the angel and spirit realms.This person is likely very in touch with their spirit teams and soul purpose, and shares what they know freely.This person is a beacon of light in the framework of their lives. People look to him or her with hope and respect and love.And about "the one who is disciplined": That is most definitely a nod to this person's spiritual practice. They meditate and/or pray. They practice what they preach and preach what they practice. They live in full alignment - in full concord - with Spirit.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of this card resonates most with Gathering essential oil blend.Gathering essential oil blend by Young Living Essential OilsWhat came up for you around The Hierophant?

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