The Empress: Taking On Tarot

The Empress: Taking On Tarot


III. The Empress

My self-study of Tarot continues with The Empress. Or, as I just heard, "the one who knows all."Taking On Tarot: The Empress ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

First Impressions

Womanhood; luxury; spirituality; monarchy or leadership; relaxation; abundance; going with the flow; receiving; feminist; maternal; maternity; fertility; peace


Woman, heart, wheat/grain, river, waterfall, stars, crown (of stars), circlet of olive leaves, single leafed tree among pine trees, pearlsTwo of these symbols command my attention: The crown of stars and the single leafed tree. I hear/feel "spirituality" and hear "spiritual essence." This would seem to underline the sense that this woman is securely connected to the one, aka Spirit/God.


Yellow, gold, green, white, redThe red pillow and bolster and throw stand out so vividly for me. I consider the color's association with the root chakra and hear "deeply rooted." That could mean the querent is energetically grounded.Abundance comes up for me with the color, too. Yes, another root chakra association. No coincidence, for sure. (The golden wheat at the bottom confirms that.)

What the Guide Says

"Fruitfulness, initiative, action, long days, clandestine, the unknown, difficulty, doubt, ignorance. Reversed: Light, truth, the unraveling of involved matters, public rejoice, also, according to another reading, vacillation."

What Spirit Says

We see a woman of great import.We see a woman who is confident. We see a woman who is successful. We see an entrepreneur.We see a woman of means. We see abundance.We see a woman who knows her own heart. We see a woman who loves unconditionally.We see a woman who invokes and evokes the divine feminine.We see a woman who is in touch with her purpose. We see a woman who remembers who she really is.We see a woman who will or does lead. We see a supremely reasoned woman with great faith in her own power.

Other Impressions

I feel a woman who is known for her strength, and whose strength is heart-centered, and who shares her strength. This woman could be defined as a "steel magnolia."This could be a woman who has a great appreciation for the finer things; haute couture, for example.She's highly intuitive and deeply sensitive; likely empathic.It feels like the card could represent a woman's moon time, aka menstrual cycle. (She's probably menstruating, if this comes up under the right conditions.) Oh... She could also be ovulating. I hear "prime for pregnancy."I also hear "prime of life." That brings to mind the term matriarch, followed by honored.In regards to entrepreneurship, this woman would lead a heart-centered business. That needn't mean it's a woo-woo business. It means that she leads from her heart in the framework of her business.This card, for the entrepreneur or business manager, seems to indicate success and achievement with benevolence. This woman is no tyrant.The phrase "one of a kind" comes up.This is a woman who embodies greatness with grace.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of this card resonates most with Abundance essential oil blend.Abundance Essential Oil Blend by Young Living resonates with The Empress.Did anything come up for you around The Empress?

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