Strength: Taking On Tarot

Strength: Taking On Tarot


V111. Strength

My self-study of Tarot continues with Strength. Or, as I just heard, "the fortitude to fulfill your purpose."Taking On Tarot: Strength ~ A Tarot self-study using the Universal Waite deck.

First Impressions

Gentle; heart-centered; angelic; the lion as the lamb... as the ego*; holistic; divine; esoteric; purity; energy as a connection to angels; sun-drenched; infinite; "soulistic."


Infinity, vine, mountain.The infinity sign is the dominant symbol for me. It seems to be acting as a representation of a halo, and perhaps a link between the crown and higher-self chakras. It speaks of infinite connection and understanding and knowing.


Gold, yellow, white, green, red, blue, tan, brown.It's all about that golden light again, just as it was with The Chariot. There is something specifically divine about it.When I noted "sun-drenched" under First Impressions, I saw "son-drenched" and immediately thought of Jesus, which led me to the ascended masters and to the one, in general.

What the Guide Says

"Power, energy, action, courage, magnanimity. Reversed: Abuse of power, despotism, weakness, discord."Magnanimity: the fact or condition of being magnanimous; generosity.

What Spirit Says

We see the querent is on a path of reviving their spirit.We see a person who is able to easily connect with the divine.We see a person with the ability to connect with higher light beings.We see a person who is setting aside the ego in favor of their spirit.We see the ego is the lion.We see the spirit is the acolyte.We see a person who is prepared to divulge themselves as a spirit in a human form.We see a person who is willing to forsake a prosperous life for a soul-centered life. We see the person may yet receive prosperity. We see prosperity is not an objective.We see a person who is knowledgeable of the angel realms.We see a person who is understanding the need for the rise of the light.We see a person who is unable to distinguish self and spirit any longer.We see a spirit who is represented in a conscious manner.

Other Impressions

I hear "heart of the matter" and wonder if the reference to a person "setting aside the ego in favor of their spirit is that heart. Answer: "Yes."*Per the imagery, we might take heart that the ego is tameable. The gentle and seemingly amiable nature - holistic; "soulistic" - of that tame-ability is important and imperative to success.Each time I look at the "acolyte" I expect to see angel wings on her. :-)This card represents a holy strength.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of this card resonates most with Valor essential oil blend.Valor Essential Oil Blend by Young Living What came up for you around Strength?

Realms of the Angels

Realms of the Angels

The Energy of the Angels

The Energy of the Angels