Page of Wands: Taking On Tarot

Page of Wands

My self-study of Tarot continues with the Page of Wands. Or, as I just heard, "one who sees."

Taking On Tarot: Page of Wands ~ A self-study of the Tarot through the Universal Waite deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

First Impressions

Grandeur, comfort, insight, vision, divination, larger than life, "feather in my cap."


Feather, hat, wand, lizards, cape, mountains (three), leaves ("sprigs").

What stands out most for me is the wand and its size. It feels towering, and at the same time it also feels like it's more than a wand. It feels very much like the page is receiving messages from or through the wand, and that brings to mind the term "divination" and the wondering if this person - whoever the card may represent - understands that there is an ability to divine knowledge within him or her.


Red, blue, silver, gold, burnt umber, brown, green, yellow, black.

It's that rich gold that stands out, and it's "rich" that's the operative word here; better: enrichment. There's a great sense of knowledge being the greatest common denominator and in that knowledge there being a treasure trove that is very rich, indeed.

What the Guide Says

"In a scene similar to the former [Knight], a young man stands in the act of proclamation. He is unknown but faithful, and his tidings are strange. Divinatory Meanings: Dark young man, faithful, a lover, an envoy, a postman. Beside a man, he will bear favorable testimony concerning him. He is a dangerous rival, if followed by the Page of Cups. Has the chief qualities of his suit. Reversed: Anecdotes, announcements, evil news. Also indecision and the instability which usually accompanies it."

Huh. Those "strange" tidings could be spiritual insight, I suppose. The "act of proclamation" feels more like an act of listening intently. The whole of the divinatory section gets a head shake ("no") from me, aside from the envoy and postman notations, which get a "yes" for their general meanings only. And the "evil news" bit gets an especially firm head shake ("no").

And... sigh... the "dark" descriptor, as with the King and Queen and Knight, gets a big old "no."

What "We" Say

As this young person seeks to understand the nature of the wand, so does this person seek to understand the nature of all life.

We see a person of great intuitive ability. We note the ability may be lost in the seeking without over within.

We notice the mountains are as small in depiction and notice the potential for greatness over challenges.

We see there is only earth and no water and open the consideration of this person's association with groundedness over emotionality.

We ask the creator of the reading to wonder if the querent is aware of a great potential.

We open the creator of the reading to consider only a wonderment with the intuitive ability and understanding of the querent.

Other Impressions

Outsider, black sheep, different, vocal, consideration of speech over action, messenger "of the Gods."

Lots and lots of feelings (impressions) coming up from this card. Really dense, in a way, and yet it seems to be so in the sense that a person represented by this card is "full up" with energy that needs a constructive outlet - constructive meaning intuitive.

What comes up for you around the Page of Wands?

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