Justice: Taking On Tarot

Justice: Taking On Tarot


X1. Justice

My self-study of Tarot continues with Justice. Or, as I just heard, "Even Steven."

Taking On Tarot: Justice ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot DeckFirst Impressions

Stately; mighty; "live and die by the sword"; sword of justice; scales of justice; pillars of justice; weighted measures; balance; fairness.


Sword, scales, pillars, crown.The sword stands out as being out of place to me. It stands for anything but justice, from my perspective. I can envision a gold heart or star or globe in that right hand, which better fits the dawning paradigm.


Purple, red, green, yellow, white, gold, blue.The purple - violet - stands out with great strength. I liken it to the color of the crown chakra, and wonder how justice might better be served coming from that higher enlightened place.

What the Guide Says

"Equity, rightness, probity, executive. Reversed: Law in all departments, bigotry, bias, excessive severity."Equity: the quality of being fair and impartial.Probity: the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.

What Spirit Says

We see a person who balances light and shadow.We see a person who is unbiased.We see a person whose temperament is non-attached.We see a person who decides right from wrong.We see a person who ignores gray areas.We see a person who is responsible for casting judgment.We see a person who is inspired to cast judgment.We see a person who needs to achieve balance.We see a person who must remember a practice of non-judgment and non-attachment.We see a person who is practicing law.We see a person who takes the law into their own hands.We see infantry as a course of justice.We see war as a manner of creating peace.We see a need for reconciliation of past infractions.We see a need for considered grace.We see a person who is needing advice.We see a statesman or stateswoman.We see a person who is able to see injustice with clarity and objectivity.

Other Impressions

Call to action; fight the "good" fight, laying down arms, negotiations, diplomacy, democracy.The timing of this card in my pursuit of learning Tarot is synchronistic, to say the least, in light of the events in Orlando two short days ago.For me, the shadow side of this card is represented by those events, and then some, given that the gunman took it upon himself to cast judgment where none was warranted, and then practice a heinous and misguided form of justice.I believe true justice cannot be found through war or violence.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of Justice resonates most with Clarity essential oil blend.Clarity Essential Oil Blend by Young LivingWhat came up for you around Justice?

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