Judgement: Taking On Tarot

XX. Judgement

My self-study of Tarot continues with Judgement. Or, as I just heard, "putting it in perspective."Taking On Tarot: Judgement ~ An exploration of the Universal Waite Tarot deck through self-study.

First Impressions

"Come one! Come all!" Trumpeter, healer, Gabriel, announcement. "Glad tidings of great joy." ... "Pick me." ... "Take me with you." Oooh... And with that last statement I'm getting a The OA season one finale vibe here. Interesting. (The show is only available on Netflix.)


Coffins or crypts, water, earth, mountains, air: clouds, angel, trumpet, red cross.It's the red cross that is prominent - dominant? - for me on the card. And what keeps coming up with it is healing; ultimate healing; complete healing.


Yellow, gold, aquamarine, rose, blue, white, red, green, gray, brown.The color that I find most intriguing here is the aquamarine of Gabriel's robe. There's something "prophetic" about it; something gentle and beckoning and, yes, healing. There's no mistaking its energy and therefore its importance.

What the Guide Says

"Change of position, renewal, outcome. Reversed: Weakness, pusillanimity, simplicity, also deliberation, decision, sentence."Pusillanimity: Pusillanimous: lacking courage and resolution, marked by contemptible timidityYes and no, here, as is near usual. Change of position and renewal and outcome all fit very well. Simplicity fits well as one could assume that "the final judgment" denotes the greatest simplification.Deliberation and decision and sentence all make sense for their obvious association with human judgment. Weakness and, in conjunction with that, pusillanimity? Hmm... Not feeling them.

What the One Says

We see reclamation of spirit self. We see return to a spirit self. We see correction of all wrongdoing and misgiving and action and inaction and concerns for wealth, health, and earth.We notice all in the image raise up their arms as in desiring saving. We notice in death of a human resides no need for saving as in death of a human opens only the soul to its awakened state in fullness of heart.We say to you, this awakened state is available in human life. We wonder, why would a human wait until death to experience such fullness of heart?We see a judgment such as one depicted comes only through man-made teachings and an instillation of fear for the purpose of ultimate power and authority over and above others. We see no such judgment exists in spirit.We see a person who judges another for thought, word, deed and energy.We see consequences of a human variety in a way of organization of company, law, government.We see organization of achievement as it pertains to occurrences of great change.

Other Impressions

Well, aside from "Holy schooling, Batman" via some of the channeled revelations...Mercy comes through here, in the sense of desiring it or begging for it, and perhaps in the sense of its offering.Healing comes up in the sense of all pain and suffering being removed.Wonder comes up in the sense of what's possible beyond the perceived constraints of the human structures and systems and schematics. ☺️https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WJhax7JmxsI was introduced to this divine musical piece through one of Amy Grant's Christmas albums. It invites and instills peace every time I hear it.What came up for you around Judgement?

What's Going On Energetically?

What's Going On Energetically?