Death: Taking On Tarot

Death: Taking On Tarot


X111. Death

My self-study of Tarot continues with Death. Or, as I just heard, "there is no death, there is only life to life."Taking On Tarot: Death ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

First Impressions

Grandeur; splendor; beseeching; piety; faith with fear; "I see the future"; "Let the sun shine"; dawn of a new day; part of life; flow of life; natural order.


Skeleton; water; chasm; sunrise and/or sunset; cross; ship; distant hills; flag; suit of armor; horse.The flag calls my attention. In a quick glance, it reminds me of a pirate flag - a Jolly Roger. When I really look at it, there's no similarity save for the color scheme. There's something about the symbol on the flag that reminds me of a kaleidoscope, which seems very fitting.


Black, white, yellow, gold, blue, green, brown, gray, red.It's the yellow and gold of the bright, bright sun that captures my gaze before anything else. It might seem incongruous, except that my beliefs around death remind me that the sun is symbolic of life after death.

What the Guide Says

"End, mortality, destruction, corruption. Reversed: Inertia, sleep, lethargy, petrification, somnambulism."Petrification: the process by which organic matter exposed to minerals over a long period is turned into a stony substance.Somnambulism: sleepwalking.

What Spirit Says

We see an ending of a circumstance or a situation or a relationship or a creation or a life.We see an opportunity of starting again.We see deficit in the face of adversity without regard for the abundance which is already present.We see sanctimonious reasoning in the face of death.We see a person who avoids endings.We see a person who avoids death.We see a person who risks death.We see a person without regard for their own mortality or of the mortality of others.We see great weakness of faith.W see an overage of desperation and fear.We see a great opening after a necessary closing.We see a fateful challenge in the making.We see problems of a mortal nature in the world.We see a person who is able to communicate with the spirit realm.We see an end of suffering.We see an end of ego.

Other Impressions

"Sunrise, Sunset"; death of the ego; shadow work; facing facts; accepting endings; embracing new opportunities after completing a project or a phase; divorce.This card, more than others so far, feels like it has near infinite meanings to offer dependent on the subject of the reading. It could as easily mean impending mortality as it could the ending of a relationship or a job or a project.For those of spiritual mindsets of the lightworker and Earth angel persuasion, death of the ego could be a lesson this card has to offer or mark or even demand.

Essential Energy

For me, the energy of Death resonates most with Exodus II essential oil blend.Young Living Essential OIls Exodus II essential oil blend. What came up for you around Death?

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The Ego and Spirituality

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