Ace of Wands: Taking On Tarot

Ace of Wands

My self-study of Tarot continues with the Ace of Wands. Or, as I just heard, "the fire starter."Taking on Tarot: Ace of Wands ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

First Impressions

"You've got the power"; making something out of nothing; help from "beyond"; anything is possible; new growth.


Wands, sprigs (leaves); hand out of "nowhere"; castle; sky; horizon.It's the wand that stands out, even above and beyond the ethereal hand. It reads as very active, with the movement of leaves around it, and that fits with the fire energy of the suit of wands.


White, gray, green, orange, blue, purple, brown.It's the white that stands out, and speaks of openness and clarity, and perhaps purity. It reminds me of a blank sheet of paper, just waiting to be written or drawn or doodled upon; full of promise.

What the Guide Says About the Ace of Wands

"A hand issuing from a cloud grasps a stout Wand or Club."Divinatory Meanings: Creation, invention, enterprise, the powers which result in these, principle, beginning, source, birth, family, origin, the beginning of enterprises, according to another account - money, fortune, inheritance."Reversed: Fall, decadence, ruin, perdition, to perish, also - clouded joy."I can see most of this, actually - even the part about money (something about the leaves). The part I don't see: "decadence" and "clouded joy."

What We Say About the Ace of Wands

Could this be the hand of God reaching out with an offering for creation of a new business?Could this be divine invention?Could this be a symbol of inspired guidance?We see ace of wands is a way to consider these questions, and to wonder what is ready to be created or begun.Also, this card can signify a pregnancy as it represents the fire of a divine spark.Misinterpretation often leads an oracle to assume the way of new only. Consider that it can equally be interpreted as renewal, as of commitment.

Other Impressions

Making magic.Shaking off the past.Wording hand-in-hand with spirit.

 I Might Ask This Client...

"What has lit a fire in you that's ready to be born?""How are you co-creating your life with spirit?"What comes up for you around this card?

Daily Divination: 26 May, 2017

Daily Divination: 25 May, 2017