Ace of Cups: Taking On Tarot

Ace of Cups

My self-study of Tarot continues with the Ace of Cups. Or, as I just heard, "the water maker."Taking On Tarot: Ace of Cups ~ A Self-Study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

First Impressions

"My cup runneth over"; fountain of youth; healing waters; holy water; ever-flowing stream; "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"; purity.


Dove, cross on communion wafer, gold chalice, water, water lilies, "hand of God."It's the streams of water flowing from the chalice that continually catch my attention. There's something about the impression that the flow of those streams is without end - perhaps much like abundance when we open wide to it.


White, blue, gold, green, pink, silver/gray.It's the beautiful blue of those streams of water that draw me in. I imagine it's reminiscent of Mother Mary's virginal blue robe in which she's depicted most often. It's gentle and yet strong and sure - perhaps like Mary herself.

What the Guide Says About the Ace of Cups

"The waters are beneath, upon which are water lilies. The hand issues from the cloud, holding in its palm the cup, from which four streams are pouring. A dove, bearing in its beak a cross-marked host, descends to place the wafer in the cup - the dew of water is falling on all sides. It is an intimation of that which may lie behind the Lesser Arcana."Divinatory Meanings: True heart, joy, contentment, abode, nourishment, abundance, fertility, holy table, felicity."Reversed: False heart, mutation, instability, revolution."Well, it's interesting in studying the card that I notice five streams of water pouring from the cup. Was the intention four? Hmm... The thing about five as an energy is, it's about change and movement. Very fitting for the Ace.Aside from that, the divinatory meanings feel in keeping with the card. The reversed meanings... Not sure about mutation or revolution.

What We Say About the Ace of Cups

Communion with a divine contract.Holy ways and means affecting matters of the heart.Concerning an absence of ego as in a consecrated communication and understanding.Appropriation of a new relationship.Timing of a divine nature.Moral obligation to purity and chastity.Heavenly host communicated through blessed water.

Other Impressions

Grace or blessing.Baptism."Communion of saints.""Something in the Water."

 I Might Ask a Client...

"What's ready to pour forth from you?""How can you best enter the divine flow?"What comes up for you around this card?

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Current Energy: 2 June, 2016

Daily Divination: 31 May, 2017